Fantasy Quilter family tree

When I taught Spanish and French we always learned the names of the people in a family. In order to make it real, I would assign them a family tree creation of ANY family, it just had to have the words and pictures. It could be their family and some kids were all over this. It could also be a Celebrity family tree and over the years I had plenty of royal families, Kardashians and musical stars I had never heard of. I also threw out the option of the family you WISHED you had, a fantasy family. This was hugely popular with many students. The ever popular family tree assignment is tricky for many young people who have one issue or another, even if it is nothing more than lots of eye rolling at Mom.

I thought about this when I saw the winning quilt at AQS Grand Rapids. What a stunning work of art. I snapped a picture of the page in my magazine.20171119_153935

This made me yearn for the perfect quilter family tree. I don’t mean I don’t love my family, I do. I just need an alternate family that could help me with my quilting endeavors.

Let’s see what I can come up with to have at least one quilter at each level of my fantasy quilter family tree. My apologies to anyone who I have left off, maybe you’ll make my fantasy football team?

Great grandmother – So many fabulous choices but I decided on Mary Ellen Hopkins. mary-ellen-hopkins

I would have hung around her when I was younger and sat on all her quilts. I think she would have taught me to sew fearlessly right away. On my own, that took me decades.fd9db2719b8cb43aa4d67ec80c2364db-quilting-room-crazy-quilting

Grandfather – there was only one choice in my mind and it was Ricky Tims.

I think he would be the perfect quilting grandpa. You could borrow his hats and he’d play songs with you.  And just think of the quilts you’d have.

I probably would have been set with this kind of quilt lineage but this is a fantasy, right? Why stop now?


Grandmother – Having Faith Ringgold as my Grandma would be a dream come true.

She would give me the art background that I would need and the ability to tell stories with my quilts. Plus, she seems to have such cool friends and writes terrific books for children. I could pretend she wrote one of them for me.

Possibly two, pretend grandmothers do things like that.

535995910e6531b6f8794f82564fb9e7-quilting-room-patchwork-quiltingParents – If I could have the best pretend quilt parents they’d be Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr, hands down.

I am not trying to muscle in on their daughter, this is all pretend, remember. (Although she does seem to have a pretty cool book deal herself!) I could still live in the Chicago area and travel to Japan.

Their sense of negative space, modern quilting and being so grounded would play well in my quilting dynasty life.

102098587_600_2 Sister – I’ve got to choose Angela Walters as the grand finale to my fantasy quilt family.

Angela would build on all this quilt royalty and pass onto me her expertise in quilting. I would babysit for her adorable kids, it would be mutually beneficial.

I am thinking I probably need some cousins, step siblings, Honorary Uncles and second cousins twice removed. I’ve got room in my fantasy family for lots more people. Give me a call, I’ll send you an invitation to the pretend family reunion.

I mean if I am dreaming, I may as well dream BIG!

Sew happy!

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I need Tula Pink in my family tree, read this post to see why.

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