I made 50 Kleenex covers this weekend

I made 50 Kleenex covers this weekend and I loved it. “Why?” might be your reaction and I would understand. I did it for my daughter, don’t we all do goofy things for our kids?


I made Christmasy covers, I think these might be my favorites. They were the only ones not from scraps, I cut these new from fabric in my stash.

They also have fancy holiday tissues inside. I bought 6 of them a couple of years ago at a 90% after the Holidays sale. I decided I better use them now!dsc04977

A while back I wrote a post about reducing your stash by cutting up your scraps. These covers were from then. I had made aprons using all of these fabrics and I immediately cut them up.

Were the only ones cut and waiting? No way!


I also had made a couple of super cute aprons using this Russian doll fabric. I loved it but after I bought it in Alaska I didn’t really know how to use it. I ended up making an apron and a book dsc04976club table runner, like always!

Speaking of Alaska, here are the other scraps as well as some from Irish themed fabric and some with an Italian flair. We can’t forget about Lobsters, now can we. Yes, I have some fun scraps!


Here are the last of this batch, Barbie, planets and green. I think I may like the randomness of this group the most.

I can hear you thinking, why does your daughter need so much Kleenex? Well, she doesn’t need them all herself. She is organizing a Winter Bazaar for her activist group.

They are a group that likes to help others and engage in politics. They donate to Crisis Centers, Hurricane relief and other causes. They send postcards to thank some politicians and chide others. I am donating all these to her bazaar to be sold, yes, me selling something.

I am thinking two bucks but my husband thinks three. I don’t want to be greedy, I’d rather they all sold. What do you think?

If you are in the Chicago area, stop by! Here’s a link to the event.


Sew happy!

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