Goodbye finished quilt and hello new project

Once again it is blogapalooza night and here is tonight’s challenge:

Write about a time you had to say goodbye.

I am actually terrible at saying goodbye. I hang onto friendships, activities and relationships way longer than I should. Even books and movies linger in my thoughts and I need to savor them before I can let them go.

a-a-a-fnished-a-quiltI so rarely say good bye to people that I have to focus on when I say “Goodbye finished quilt and hello new project.” Even this can be hard for me.

My first way of avoiding saying goodbye to a quilt is to make more of the project. Let’s say I am making one Cubs quilt, why I can make three instead. True story.

Or recently I had to make a set of coasters for our guild exchange so naturally I made three. I was itching to make more just in case or because I have trouble saying goodbye to a project I am working on? I think it’s the latter.

Another ruse I employ is to increase the scope of the project. Let’s say I start a small quilt a-a-a-nextat a workshop and only have one block to go to finish it. By the time I get home, I decide it should be twin size and I need to make 6 more blocks.

Yes, I am doing that quilt right now! The only time I can curb my natural inclination to double my pleasure is a quilt contest with strict size boundaries. Now you know why I don’t enter contests.

A third method is to not be done even when I am done. Let’s say I make a pulse quilt, piece it, quilt it, bind it and mail it off. I am still attached to the project however.

So I decide to make another quilt using the left over fabrics and blocks. I just did this with a Christmas table runner. Maybe this is why Picasso had certain “periods” in his painting, he just couldn’t say Au revoir!

Finally I can make a project last longer by dragging my feet. I take a long time cutting. I put off sewing.

a-a-a-resetThen I can debate which fabric to use on the back. How in heaven’s name shall I quilt it? And binding, that decision can take

Have you notice how I change it up? No simple procrastination for me, nope. I can put off having to end one quilt and begin a new one in a myriad of ways.

I have been working on this on other areas of my life, not just quilting. I am getting better at realizing when it is time to move on, that parting is sweet sorrow but it needs to be done.

Now I need to apply this lesson to my Holiday card list. Can I delete people I used to know? I need permission!

I even found a song for me which will encourage me to finish that quilt and start all over again!

Sew happy!

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