Checklist to find the ultimate romantic Christmas movie

I am a relatively recent convert to Hallmark Christmas movies, I need the escapism nowadays! My husband has always adored them and we play a little game when we watch them. One of us will say to the other, “Has —– happened yet?” Because part of the enjoyment is the predictability and happy endings.

heart-clipart-small-13Using the questions we ask each other I came up with a checklist to find the ultimate romantic Christmas movie.

Answer yes or no, all yes answers are worth one point.

    1. Is one or more of them a single parent?
    2. Did the other parent die?
    3. Does Santa make an appearance?santa-745757
    4. Do they dislike each other at first?
    5. Does one of them live in an urban area?
    6. Does the other person live in a small town perfect for Christmas?
    7. Is there a mishap with transportation?
    8. Is one person stuck in a small town?
    9. Does anyone have amnesia?
    10. Is there a sleigh ride?winter-activities-horsesleigh-1-600x400px
    11. Do friends or family try to get them together or break them up?
    12. Is there an obviously wrong choice romantic interest initially involved?
    13. Do they drink hot chocolate? (One pt per occurrence)
    14. Is there a misunderstanding based on lack of communication?
    15. Is there a snowball fight?Snowballs
    16. Do they build a snowman?
    17. Does anyone go caroling?
    18. Do they ice skate?
    19. Do they go sledding?
    20. Is there an interrupted kiss?
    21. Do they bake cookies or a Yule log?
    22. Do they make a Gingerbread house? (One pt for each)
    23. Does it snow at the end?


Let me know which movie you’ve viewed earns 20 or more points!

Sew happy!

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