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Goodbye finished quilt and hello new project

Once again it is blogapalooza night and here is tonight’s challenge: Write about a time you had to say goodbye. I am actually terrible at saying goodbye. I hang onto friendships, activities and relationships way longer than I should. Even books and movies linger in my thoughts and I need to savor them before I can... Read more »

Checklist to find the ultimate romantic Christmas movie

I am a relatively recent convert to Hallmark Christmas movies, I need the escapism nowadays! My husband has always adored them and we play a little game when we watch them. One of us will say to the other, “Has —– happened yet?” Because part of the enjoyment is the predictability and happy endings. Using... Read more »

Christmas table runner created in a jiffy with leftover blocks and strips

Santa himself would be proud of my latest project. I have a Christmas table runner created in a jiffy with leftover blocks and strips. I am pretty darn proud and feeling frugal! (I know I am not but allow me this momentary feeling of victory.) Last December I finished a Christmas quilt for my grandson... Read more »

3 Christmas movies with quilts - 2017 update

Last year I bemoaned the lack of quilters in Christmas movies and I am still waiting for one to take the lead role. I was heartened by the presence of quilts in movies in 2016 so I thought it was time for a 2017 update. Are you ready for Christmas movies with quilts I’ve spotted... Read more »

Explaining to my granddaughter why I cannot throw a ball

My granddaughter loves to talk and so do I. She is especially chatty when she is in the bathroom. Maybe not the best atmosphere but I do love hearing her thoughts. Today I tried to toss some toys into the office from the bathroom and failed miserably. Our talk today ended up me explaining to... Read more »

15 Delightful Facts about Denim and Jeans

I used to teach French (fabulous job to have, by the way) and so I always heard that denim was connected with France. I just read a terrific blog post about the origin of “being under the weather” so I decided it was high time I researched the origin of the word denim. Here are... Read more »

Preschool Thanksgiving theme for decorating this year

I was very lucky on Friday, I got to be a volunteer helper for my granddaughter’s Preschool feast. Let me tell you, these 4 and 5 year olds know how to party! Zara has put herself in charge of our “party” this turkey day and her ideas stem from her school experiences. She has selected... Read more »

Review of the book Charm School by Vanessa Goertzen

I don’t want to brag but I have quite a collection of charm packs. I went wild buying them a few years back and even now I can’t resist buying a few each year. I really need to stop accumulating them and start sewing with them. This intent led me to purchase a book and... Read more »

Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at the Pick Museum at NIU is a must see

NIU Community Memorial quilt to remember the 5 killed and 21 injured.
There are 40 reasons why the Quilts and Human Rights exhibit at the Pick Museum at NIU is a must see. What are those 40 reason? The quilts themselves which teach us lessons about how artists react to tragedy and strive to maintain human rights. I have been waiting to see this exhibit since I went to... Read more »

Alias Grace is a compelling series with magnificent quilts you should check out on Netlix

Netflix did it again, I got hooked by another of its shows. I wish now I had read the book first but Alias Grace is a compelling series with magnificent quilts. I think I enjoyed the show more than my husband because it is constructed so much like a quilt. If you have not seen... Read more »
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