Triangle quilt top completed

I was happy to get this triangle quilt top completed. I had several Halloween projects, including Zara’s costume and Henry’s. I had been doing so much garment sewing I had to remind myself to make quarter inch seams.


I had eleven rows to join together and I wanted each triangle centered to the one above it. I went back to my Marti Michell template which had the middle marked. I lined up the rows this way.

I had to be careful to pin so that the triangle point would be sharp. After a while, I would take a break, it was a lot to worry about. I was doing this off and on for the last several ttop-re-2weeks.

I was glad that I could see through the white and gauge where to sew. I tried to make them all straight with the best possible points. I ttop-re-3wasn’t perfect.

When I ironed the row seams open, I would find mistakes. Back to the machine. I was somewhat annoyed to find mistakes because I had to fix them.

I was glad I found them also. I reallyttop-re-4 didn’t want them to be in the finished quilt. I would two rows at a time.

Finally all 11 were joined together and I could even up the sides. Once again I turned to my template. I used it to make sure I was leaving a quarter inch.

I had the quilt top folded in half at this point. It made me happy that I could easily cut two layers at once. It cut the time in half.


I am very happy with the finished top, it looks just like I am imagine it would. I like the 10 solids and I do have the top finished in time for my guild’s DIME challenge – interpret 10 as you want.

I am trying to figure out if I can get the back finished and this on the Gammill, my Gladys. Then I would have to also quilt it all by Thursday for guild. I will see how it goes this weekend.

I also have to figure out how to quilt it. I have been sketching and haven’t chosen a design yet. I need to choose a color for the quilting thread as well.

Aren’t these terrific problems to have?

Sew happy!

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