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Stranger Things 2 was intensely entertaining and even had quilts

This weekend my husband and I alternated between Halloween fun with our grandchildren and binge watching Stranger Things 2. I loved both activities but only the latter kept me up until 2:30 am on Saturday night. Or was it Sunday morning? Stranger Things 2 was intensely entertaining and even had quilts. Yes, quilts in a... Read more »

5 kinds of scissors are must haves

I have really excellent scissor skills according to my granddaughter. I believe her because I love scissors and being a quilter and a sewist, I use them all the time. I have way too many scissors in my sewing studio some of which I could live without. I think 5 kinds of scissors are must... Read more »

Rainbow Triangle quilt is finished

The rainbow triangle quilt is finished and I couldn’t be happier. I wanted to complete it in time to bring to guild this month and I did. I ignored pretty much everything else in life to pull it off but sometimes you have to focus. There were only two issues and one of them you... Read more »

My sense of humor is a quick wit and a mobile face

Tonight is blogapalooza night which gives us a topic and an hour to write about it. Tonight’s topic appealed to me. Write about and describe your sense of humor. I did not start out life as the funny kid who made wise cracks in class. I was pretty serious and read whenever I could. I... Read more »

I love the digital world but Face to Face is still tops

I write a blog. I am an unapologetic fan of social media. Obviously, I love the digital world but Face to Face is still tops. I have had several experiences lately which drove this point home. The state of Illinois has a governmental election next year. I am a retired teacher in my beloved state... Read more »

Lemoyen and Lemons quilt exhibit at Quilt Expo

I love to start out a gallery with the sign from the original exhibit. It makes the experience more authentic.
Yes, Quilt Expo was last month. However, there were too many wonderful quilts for just one post. I divided them up into several posts which I had meant to publish within a smaller time frame. Great quilts are always welcome so here is another gallery. This gallery is a collection of Lemoyen stars with a... Read more »

Triangle quilt top completed

I was happy to get this triangle quilt top completed. I had several Halloween projects, including Zara’s costume and Henry’s. I had been doing so much garment sewing I had to remind myself to make quarter inch seams. I had eleven rows to join together and I wanted each triangle centered to the one above... Read more »

How to create an easy Gus from Cinderella costume

Tonight was Henry’s turn for a costume and I was ready for a fast sew in! He is going to be with his sister so he has to match with her while he will still let us. We chose the helper mouse from the movie. I want to share with you how to create an... Read more »

Cinderella Costume is complete and the steps I took to get here

The Cinderella Costume is complete, woot woot! I learned and refined my garment making skills, I used a serger and got one and Zara’s costume is done. Not bad for 6 weeks of work! Let’s see what steps I took to finally have it all done. The bodice took at least half of the weeks,... Read more »

Me too posts on Facebook bring back memories

Over the weekend I noticed a number of Me too posts on Facebook. At first I didn’t know what it was all about until other people wrote more under the Me too. I felt compelled to add my own status to this testimonial. Nearly every woman with whom I am friends with on Facebook posted... Read more »