How to create an easy Gus from Cinderella costume

Tonight was Henry’s turn for a costume and I was ready for a fast sew in! He is going to be with his sister so he has to match with her while he will still let us. We chose the helper mouse from the movie. I want to share with you how to create an easy Gus from Cinderella costume.


I really only had to make a green knit hat and attach mouse ears to it. I googled both of them and got a great pattern for a hat from Imagine Gnats. I was thrilled with this tutorial, complete with a free pattern download. She had wonderful pictures as well.

The change I made to it was to add mouse ears. dsc04923I found a picture to download and use here. I glued the pink part to the brown part, they are both made of felt.

I followed the rest of the directions for the slouch beanie post but I put the ears in the side dsc04926seams. The only other precaution I would reiterate is the advice from the tutorial.

Make sure you use a ball point needle. (I was thrilled that I had some in my drawer.)dsc04931

Put your machine on the stretch stitch. I actually had to google this, I had never used it before. It worked like a dream.

I was very happy with how the hat turned out. I made it twice actually. I was trying to sew and do an online book sale at the same time.

I would not recommend that. But you know, it was good dsc04932to dig out the bobbin case, clean it all and put it all back together. Silver lining, my machine is really spic and span clean!dsc04935

Final step was to shorten the yellow t-shirt I had purchased. I folded the bottom up to the armpits and basted it down. After Halloween, I will take out the basting and H will have a yellow t-shirt to wear.

I kept the stuffed Gus on my cutting table to remind me of my goal. Plus I think he’s just the cutest thing! In real life, I am not that fond of mice but I love stuffed animal ones.

For the rest of the costume I bought a brown jogging suit and a brown long sleeved t-shirt. He can choose which one according to the weather. I also got brown tennis shoes on clearance!


I can’t wait to see Henry in it and watch him trick or treat this year. I hope he enjoys his first “real” glimpse of this holiday. I also hope he enjoys an easy to make costume.

Easy peasy sewing is my favorite part of Halloween!

Sew happy!

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