Cinderella Costume is complete and the steps I took to get here

The Cinderella Costume is complete, woot woot! I learned and refined my garment making skills, I used a serger and got one and Zara’s costume is done. Not bad for 6 weeks of work! Let’s see what steps I took to finally have it all done.


The bodice took at least half of the weeks, goofy! I made, however, 3 bodices. First there is the outside of the bodice.

I stitched, finished the seams and was happy that V came out well. However, the final cin-re-2edition of the V was tricky. Stay tuned.

Inside the bodice there was another one! The interfacing was actually white Kona cotton. I used my pinking shears on those seams.


She was actually a really good sport about all the fittings. She didn’t move as the pins made her nervous. Henry liked to grab pins and run off with them so they were adventurous.

After  the fitting I cut an inch off the bodice and the lining, I sewed the lining into the bodice. I clipped the seams very well around all the curves.

I also sewed a row of stitching to join the lining and the seam under it. It doesn’t show but it keeps the cin-re-4lining from peeking out. There was quite a bit of hand sewing to finish the opening on the curves where I turned the lining inside out.

The final step was to sew a row at the bottom of the lining. Then I pressed the lining up along that row of stitching. On to cin-re-5the skirt!

I cut out the satin skirt and two skirts of netting. I sewed the 4 pieces together on each skirt. Then I serged all those seams.

The last two steps were to gather all three skirts and sew them onto the bodice and put in a zipper. Gathering all that fabric and pinning it onto the bodice was exciting. But not exciting in a good way, more in a panicky sort of way.cin-re-5-2

Then I put in the zipper. I have to tell you, it’s not my best zipper. But it was in.

Then I hand sewed the bodice lining over the skirt seam and along the zipper. I also used a needle and thread to add the shrug on the shoulders.

I got all that done and realized the V was not really a V. More of a sickly v.


I decided to add some bling and cover up my less than spectacular waist. But first I had my second fitting cin-re-6with Zara and marked the hem. Today at class I used the serger to do a rolled hem on all three skirts.

I came home and did some more hand sewing. I had forgotten to finish the zipper opening so I did a little hem around that and added two sparkly silver bows. Done!

I spread it all out with the gloves, tiara and silver shoes. I also have blue long underwear for her to wear under it if it’s cold. In addition, I got her a Cinderella hoodie she can wear when she is going in the car to parties.

I am going to wait to give it all to her until I have Henry’s costume all done. That way they can both be excited together. He is going to be the helper mouse Gus, he could care less.

Oh, there is one more thing I want to tell you about this Cinderella costume.

I am NEVER making another one EVER again!

Sew happy!

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Here’s a link to Zara’s Halloween costume from last year.

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