7 important lessons quilting and sewing have taught me

I prefer to sew on a daily basis but sometimes that doesn’t happen. I enjoy the heck out of quilting and sewing but I think I have gained more than just enjoyment from my hobby. I would like to share with you 7 important lessons quilting and sewing have taught me.

1. Mistakes – Who likes to make mistakes, not me! But very early on in sewing I learned to stop and correct my mistakes. It is part of sewing.

Just like mistakes are part of life. It’s a great thing to acknowledge an error, stop and correct it. In sewing, however, you don’t have to apologize!

2. Patience – Generally speaking, I want patience and I want it NOW! Quilts are not made quickly, they take time. You have to have patience and eventually it will be finished.patience

Learning this at age 12 helped me with teaching, believe me you need LOTS of patience to be a teacher. It helped me raise my kids although I wish I had had more.

3. Value versus price – I sometimes want fabric that is the best price. When I made table runners for my daughter’s wedding reception we wanted the cheapest fabric for runners that would be on the tables for a couple of hours.

Other times, I want the best value and quality. I make my quilts with the best fabric I can afford so they will last longer. This lesson applies to nearly everything in life.

mistakes-happen-with-content4. Perfection is overrated – I don’t want to make perfect quilts, I am not aiming for a prize or the grand prize. I want to make cuddly, good looking quilts that make me smile. I can just about guarantee mistakes and that is OK!

I think striving for perfection is exhausting and necessary only if you’re a brain surgeon or another job where lives depend on what you do. For quilts it takes all the joy out of it. I quilt with mistakes and plenty of joy, just like I live my life.

5. Color – I love color. I want the colors in my quilts to all go together, they don’t have to match exactly. Various hues all look good together.

I love so many colors and a pop of something bright can really make a difference. I would rather have a bright fun quilt than an exquisitely quilted being whole cloth quilt. I apply this to my clothes and shoes also and it’s great fun.300px-colouring_pencils

6. Tools – I find that having the right gadget really makes the process faster, easier and more fun. I own Turnit for tubes, straps, etc. and it makes my life so much more pleasant. Having the right tool for the job is key!

I have also learned to keep my tools, gadgets and supplies clean and neat. I don’t want dust to clog or dull them. Have the right tool and treat it well in every area of your house!

7. Improvise – As much as I like owning the right tool, quilting and sewing have taught me how to improvise. A chop stick can be handy! I can use my old kitchen table as a cutting table by adding risers, I love being able to create what I want out of what I have.

I also can think on my feet when I run out of fabric or thread. How can I make this a design element? How can I turn this negative into a positive?

Quilting and sewing are the best! They are fun hobbies, I create warmth and beauty plus meet terrific people. I am also convinced they keep my brain working at top efficiency.

Besides all that, I don’t have to worry about how to spend any extra money!

Sew happy and let me know what lessons I forgot to mention!

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