5 kinds of scissors are must haves

I have really excellent scissor skills according to my granddaughter. I believe her because I love scissors and being a quilter and a sewist, I use them all the time. I have way too many scissors in my sewing studio some of which I could live without. I think 5 kinds of scissors are must haves. I am happy to pontificate on this.


First and foremost are excellent shears. I am very fortunate, I have two pairs. I had a generous friend with a bad memory so I got both of these for gifts and adore them.

I have used other shears at booths and workshops. I even bought a $2.99 pair last week when I forgot mine and was at a class. These two Gingher shears are my most prized scissors.dsc04915

After that I must have small scissors to snip. I snip threads, bits of fabric and more threads. These two are my beloved pairs.

I did not pay for either one, hmmm, this seems to be a trend. The Gingher snippers were a gift and the Havels people gave me the other one. They are both terrific so I am constantly dsc04917searching for them.

Third on my list but maybe first in life are a good quality pair of paper scissors. I bought two of these for myself when I was a teacher. I kept them in my desk drawer so they would not walk away.

I use them to cut up patterns or designs. It just seems like I have a steady need for paper dsc04918scissors that cut a good clean line. I have one pair in my studio and one in the kitchen.

My fourth favorite look odd, I know. I don’t always use them but when I need them I really need them. These are my batting scissors.

I purchased these when I was at a two day class to learn how to use my Longarm. I was giddy with excitement and threw them in with my other purchases. I later chastised myself.

Now, I am thrilled that I have them. I buy my batting by the roll and these make it so easy to dsc04916cut off what I need. They’re a great tool to have.

Number five was almost left off the list. I originally was just going to have four pairs featured in this post. My pinking shears begged to be included and with reason.

They’re clunky and heavy. They make my hand ache. But there are times when I just really love having them.

I used them on Z’s costume. I use them to make a piece of fabric look purposeful on a table or serving area. I finish seams that need it.

They just really come in handy sometimes. They’re maybe not a must have but sure are nice to own. I put them on my Christmas list one year and now I own a pair.

I like all five even if they are cut ups. (Groaning acknowledged)

Sew happy!

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