Things I just don't care about and neither should you

There are so many great things in this world to care about, both big and little. I care about my family all the time and cute babies that anyone shows me. I care about my health and yours also, it’s important. I care about some things that don’t really matter like cookies and dachshunds. But there are some things I just don’t care about and neither should you. Can I just rant and vent a bit, after all it’s an off topic Wednesday? Awww, thanks.

1. Direction of toilet paper – Years ago, before the internet, this somehow became an issue. I think it was when there was printed TPcollage1505875268081 with scents and people wanted them to show. I didn’t pay any attention then.

Lo and behold, this is apparently still an issue. I am NOT kidding. I have seen multiple memes about it. I have a picture here of the TP in my house, there’s a variety.

Of all the things in the world to care about this seems pretty darn goofy. I like toilet paper and I do care if we have enough in the house. I have been to places where it is a luxury.

Whoever puts on the TP gets to put it any direction they want. You have my gratitude for replacing the empty roll!

viktor-and-rolf-spring-summer-2015-haute-couture-paris-fashion-week_dezeen_sq012. Haute couture – I used to teach French, I love France. I love sewing of any kind. But I think it’s crazy to care about $100,000 dresses worn by itty bitty models and designed by people who aren’t thinking about real life.

I know some people believe it to be an art form. Who knows, maybe it is. Then put it in the art section and don’t tell us about what’s coming in the future for what we’ll be wearing.

3. The Khardashians – I am ashamed that I even can name some of the people in this family. I don’t know them and I don’t care what they are wearing, eating, dating or going.17778

I do care about people who write great books or sing wonderful songs. I love people who save lives and discover cures. I care about my neighbors and friends.

These “K” people are not my buddies, they do not influence my life at all. Let’s fixate on people who are contributing very important things to the world or love to our lives.

the-down-and-dirty-history-of-tmz-2-15238-1418944209-0_dblbig4. Celebrity gossip – I admit it, I have gossiped in my time. When someone is mean to my daughter or friend, I will listen to the details. I like hearing about wonderful events that happen to people I like and love.

I am just not that enamored with people whose talents earn them gobs of money. I am not going to copy their clothes or ethics. I may watch them in a movie or TV show but that’s it.

I will not go into a tailspin if they are sick or have bad luck. I don’t wish them any ill will but seriously, would they care about me?

Spare me the details of their lives. I just don’t care.jane-fonda

5. Looks or looking young – Some people won the genetic lottery with their looks. That’s great! But it won’t make me buy the toothpaste they are pitching on television. Looks just don’t matter that much to me.

Some people hate the idea that they are looking older. They spend a whole lot of money trying to avoid it. A huge compliment is to tell someone they don’t look their age.

Yawn! I got these wrinkles laughing and smiling. My hair is gray because I am old, hooray that I didn’t die. I am not going to spend money on plastic surgery, think of the fabric I could buy!

facebook-drama-over-employee-firing__opt6. Facebook drama – Or really any drama. Let’s just get dramatic about things that are really terrible, like the earthquake in Mexico. I immediately called my daughter who lives very north of it and she is fine.

That is worth getting upset and concerned about. It hurts my heart when people suffer from hurricanes, earthquakes and the ravages of poverty.

If someone is mad that they didn’t get enough likes on a Facebook post, well, I just don’t know what to say. I guess I am glad that they are lucky that’s all they have to worry about.

That was liberating, to state my case for not caring about things, thanks. But IF I write about them, do I then really care about them? Oh no, I’ve got to ponder this.

But you know what I do care about? I care about quilts and quilters and therefore all of you! You are my quilty peeps!

We all look fine, wear clean clothes most of the time, mind our own business and sew as much as we can.

Plus, we are all fans of toilet paper!

Sew happy!

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I am not overly concerned about lots of money either and wrote this post about it.

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