The struggle IS real in quilting and sewing

I see a whole lot of “the struggle is real” on Twitter and Facebook. 99% of the time, it’s tongue in cheek. (Does anyone use that expression any more? I’m old, my references are old. #thestruggleisreal.) I think quilters have exaggerated complaints to add to the pile and you know why? The struggle is real in quilting and sewing.


We have faced more powerful obstacles than those with short nails! We have overcome all kinds of hardships and we have the scars to prove it.

Okay, maybe not scars but bandaids? Am I right? And eye strain!

We need to record our sarcastic moaning for all eternity. Or, at least until you’ve finished reading this blog.

Are you ready dear quilters and sewists? Can you bear the torment of being reminded of your grinding journey? Let’s make some up!

1. My eggshell thread and cream thread are hard to tell apart. #thestruggleisreal

2. My pin cushion fell on the ground and the magnetic force didn’t keep them all in place. #thestruggleisreal

3. My featherweight weighs more than a feather. False advertising! #thestruggleisreal

4. My machine skipped a stitch. I named it my Lou. #thestruggleisreal

5. The book “Quilting for Dummies” is too advanced for me. #thestruggleisrealbaste

6. Needles and pins are sharp, so are scissors. #thestruggleisreal

7. Good quality quilting fabric costs a lot of money. #thestruggleisreal

8. My steam iron produces extremely hot steam. #thestruggleisreal

9. Measuring is important, it makes a difference. #thestruggleisreal

10. My thread had knots in it twice this month. #thestruggleisreal

11. My quilt issues did not quilt out. #thestruggleisreal

12. My friend has a longarm business and charges me to quilt my quilts. #thestruggleisreal

13. My sewing machine’s tension is making me tense. #thestruggleisreal

14. Layer cakes contain no cake, no frosting. #thestruggleisreal die1

15. Baby quilts are NOT actually made by babies. #thestruggleisreal

16. Postage stamp quilts cannot actually be mailed as is. #thestruggleisreal

17. Longarm quilters have rather normal arms. Disappointed. #thestruggleisreal

18. My quilt borders are wavy and I do not live anywhere near the ocean. #thestruggleisreal

19. Pattern said “quilt as desired” and I desire that someone else quilts it.  #thestruggleisreal

20. My quilt has puckers and I never had any lemons near it. #thestruggleisreal

Sew happy!

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Want more laughs? Read this post about First world quilter problems.

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