How I catalog and record my quilts, confessions of a quilt nerd

There are so many fabulous aspects of my life about which I am passionate. Quilts, photographs, books are a few and they all come together in how I catalog and record my quilts. I know that I am a bit, shall we say, excessive in this regard. I admit it, I am such a quilt nerd. But I love it! Let me explain!


I have three quilt journals I have put photographs in since 1984. The pages are a bit shabby as I pried out some pictures to scan. There is some repetition as a few quilts were entered twice.

When I started quilting and photographing my work there were no digital cameras. You couldn’t look at quilts on line and email copies. Obviously, there were no photo books.

I was not an instant fan of digital photography, it was cumbersome at first. Obviously it has come a long way and I am a huge fan.

I have made photo books of my grandchildren’s lives and of our vacations. These books look great and I feel paper will last longer than any digital storage.record-re-4

A couple of years ago I thought it would be great to do my quilts that same way. It seemed like an overwhelming task. My recent quilts were all depicted digitally. But, when I pried photos out of the journals it ripped the page to shreds.

On a lark, I took a picture of one of the pages with my cell phone, Samsung’s S 8 plus and the result was out standing. I snapped every quilt pic that wasn’t digital.

I have a picture of me taking a picture of a picture here. Ha ha, that was fun to write. I zeroed in a bit record-re-3more but I was trying to show the process.

Next I created a folder on Snapfish which I titled “My quilts.” I uploaded all the pictures I had on my phone to that album. I also uploaded all the photos I had on my computer.

I even photographed a few quilts that I could not find pictures of. I had made a Harry Potter quilt for my nephew years ago from a panel. I found a panel quilt picture of a twin on google.

I split my quilts into two groups, those from when I was hand quilting and those that I’ve recording-re-1quilted with my Gammill.

I created two photo albums. There is a mistake on the cover of the white book, I originally thought it would be 75 quilts but it was 77. I also forgot that I made two of a heart quilt.

These errors don’t really bother me. I could go back and correct them and reprint the book as it’s on the Snapfish website. Or I can print a tiny label and change the 5 to a 7.

As for the forgotten quilt, I have decided that in my NEXT quilt photo album I will have a section to include forgotten quilts. There may be more! I plan to make the next one when I have completed 50 more quilts to reach 200 total, more or less.


I love looking through them. I bet you are wondering if many other people have been clamoring to see these books. Perhaps I have created a waiting list?

LOL, I am the only person who has looked at them. They are for me! It gives me a good feeling to see the quilts I have made in my lifetime.

The photo albums cost about 15.00 plus shipping. However, I ended up adding extra pages to both which really adds to the cost. I also made one, had it shipped and then made the other and paid again for shipping.

I spent a total of 60.00 and it was worth it to me. Next time I will stick to the allotted pagesrecording-re-5 and save some money. I am laughing because I am acting like I will have finished 50 more quilts tomorrow.

In the meantime, I found this on Amazon. I will keep a hard copy of my quilts and the pictures as I go along. I will also be sure to get a digital copy and upload it to Snapfish.

What can I say? I’m a quilt nerd and this is how I roll.

Sew happy!

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