Fall Sewing is the bald headed stepchild of the sewing world

What season do Americans prefer? Spring, according to this poll. This surprised me as I see so many IG and FB posts about loving fall. However, I don’t see that love being carried over into quilts and other projects. In fact, I follow a lot of quilters on various social media platforms and I’ve concluded that fall sewing is the bald headed stepchild of the sewing world. Want to know why?

First of all, how many fall quilts do you see on your accounts? I don’t see very many. I do however see lots of fall pictures.

I scroll past pumpkins, pumpkin spiced dog food, leaves and apples. Not too many leaves that are turning on quilts. I thought that maybe my feed wasn’t reflective of the whole picture.

Let’s see what Google has to say about the number of quilts for each season. I’ve combined them into one handy image. Cool, I know.


Summer 16+ million Spring 14+ million Winter 9 + million (Christmas 13+ million)

How does this compare to fall quilts? Here’s Google’s answer. fall-quilts-1

Fall quilts 9 + million, barely beating winter. But come on, we all know Christmas quilts are a huge part of winter quilts.

Don’t insult poor Fall’s intelligence. She knows the story. We quilters hate her. Yes, I’m looking at you quilter.

How about another example of the lowly status of fall in the sewing/quilting world. Let’s examine fabrics, that luscious stuff we use to make quilts.

I think Hancock’s of Paducah is a pretty good place to buy fabric. I went on their site and googled all four seasons. Take a look.

hancocks-all-4-reSpring fabrics, just the top row, and they look pretty darn springy to me. Good colors for that time of year. I’d use them in a quilt.

Same thing with summer and winter. The top four fabrics seem to me to be great examples of what I would think of for fabrics for that weather/time. I’d put them in my projects.

Let’s gaze at fall my quilty friends. Are you kidding me? These are their four best examples of fall fabrics?

No wonder fall has a complex! I would also. In fact, I may develop one in sympathy. Let’s try one more site, shall we?

Take a gander at the top row of fall quilts on Pinterest. 5 spaces to fill in the top row. How pins-fall-quiltsmany are fall quilts?

That would be 4. Yep, 4/5 in the very top row. I, for one, am disappointed.

I am disappointed in me, in you and in the sewing world at large. We can do better by Fall! We can wait a bit on those Christmas projects.

Everyone needs a brown quilt with leaves on it, yes? How about pilgrims? No? Don’t haul out those Halloween quilts, that’s a holiday not a season.

What can we do? What’s are best course of action? How can we make fall feel better?

I think I’ll go have a Pumpkin Spice Latte and ponder it.

Sew happy!

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