Add a modern perk to your bed by making easy solid pillows

I have been sewing all summer long for our bedroom. But here is the last post about sewing with green fabric, not forever, but for a while. I finished our new quilt and I didn’t want to put our old pillows on it. I decided to change things up and I will share with you how to add a modern perk to your bed by making easy solid pillows. I made 6 of them and I am going to show you how!


Pillows add a lot to a bedroom, they provide a nice pop of color. You can spend all kinds of time making them. However, you can get a lot of impact very easily.

Supplies? You will need at least a half a yard for each pillow you want to make. You will also need pillow forms.

I am using 16″ square forms so I cut a 17″ strip of the fabric.

I made one 17″ square and cut the remaining fabric into two pieces, each 17″ wide.

This is the hardest part of the process. I made six and actually cut one of them wrong. I was glad I had extra fabric. You are probably a lot more clever than I am.pillow-re-2

Leave the square alone for the time being. Press a small amount over twice and press it on each of the other pieces. Make sure it is on the 17″ top or bottom. Sew that pressed edge down.

Place each sewn edge piece right sides down on top of the square. This is the back of the pillow, the square is the front. Make sure you have the rougher side of the seam up, this will be hidden when you are done.

Pin the pieces in place. Make sure they are straight. Sewing all around the square.

I sew an extra set of stitches on both sides where the hemmed pieces overlap. This is where you will be putting the pillow form inside and you don’t want it to rip.


Clip the corners.

Turn the square inside out.

Use your favorite tool to make sure the corners are fully turned out.

Smush the pillow form into the sewn square. You have to place the sewn edges with your hands. If the pillow ever gets dirty, you will reverse this process to wash it.

And you’re done. I made six of them in a little over an hour. Here is there the modern perk pillow-re-4comes in. Place all six across your bed.

It makes a great impact and for a minimum of time and money. I tried to use a good variety of greens but yours could be less dramatically different.


Our updated bedroom is complete. I have two quilts on the walls, 3 on the bed (two flannel ones on the footboard), 2 on the chair and a vintage quilt made by my grandmother on the trunk. No danger of being chilly in this room.

I am delighted with the final result which has been a long time coming.We painted and put in new floors a few years ago. The drapes I made a while back are still good. Nothing has fallen apart. Yet.

At this moment I can relax, I don’t have any other chores to do for this room. No more sewing or planning to accomplish. What a great feeling!

Wondering what it all looked like before the new quilt and pillows? Here’s a picture with the old quilt and old pillows. I liked it then but I like it more now.

OK, I’m done, no more green sewing for a while.

I promise.

Sew happy.

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If you missed the final post on the king sized quilt, click here. 

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