7 Things I've given up on in life

I am familiar with the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” As a result, I keep trying and eventually I usually find a way to achieve what I want. That is how I eventually learned to ride a bike, like the photos I take and eat snails. But sometimes, I have to know when to fold ’em. There are things I’ve given up on in life. Let’s see what they are.

eating-spicy-foods-burn-extra-calories1. Being able to eat spicy food – I wish I could eat spicy Indian food, Mexican food, Asian food and various spicy dishes. I have tried tasting a bit, trying a bit, doing a gradual system. I add sour cream or have a glass of milk handy.

But I give up, I just can’t get my tongue to stop burning. My lips feel like they are on fire and I don’t like the heat. I feel so bland!

2. Making a pineapple upside down cake – When I first got married my husband 63e412ba-4a4a-41f7-8c7b-88c80c5e55ffmentioned that pineapple upside down cake was his favorite. I tried making them and making them. I ended up throwing them all in the trash.

Now I buy them and they’re great. Who am I to take work away from commercial bakers? I am no longer going to compete with them.

3. Keeping Zara from watching baby videos on YouTube – I don’t know if you have ever watched a baby or toy video on YouTube but they are dreck! Naturally, she adores them. She will watch them with a smile on her face.

I used to feel guilty about letting her watch them when I was trying to get something done. Oh well, she’s going to waste some time, it might as well be on baby videos. I even let her record her own! Yes, it was also dreck.

BGFY10 Stack of newspapers on a white background

BGFY10 Stack of newspapers on a white background

4. Print newspapers – I feel really guilty about this. I figured I would have a newspaper delivered to my funeral. We tried digital subscriptions instead.

My husband was an instant fan, it took me longer. But we no longer hold the paper in our hands nor have to recycle them. I still feel a bit guilty!

5. Commas – I try, I really do. I try to use commas correctly. I do grammar lessons on them.

But I am cutting myself some slack. If I forget a comma I am not going to beat myself up. Feel free to point out my errors to me, I still want to learn I have just given up expecting to.

6. Using up all my fabric – I had a reader comment that she created a quilt from a collection of fabric she purchased at an estate sale. She reminded me that our fabric stash continues to supply beauty even after we are gone.

I am off the hook! What I use, I use. What I don’t, someone else will!

7. Making everyone happy – I don’t try to annoy people yet I still manage to do just that. I have the best of intentions some times and people get mad at me. Yikes!

You know what, it’s going to happen. My goal is to keep things and people calm and happy. But when it doesn’t happen, oh well, oops!just-another-day-of-not-being-rich-and-famous

8. Being rich, famous or thin – These were never stated goals of mine. However, I wasn’t opposed to them happening. I could have dealt with it.

I’m retired and I don’t buy lottery tickets, that’s fine. I’m not famous but on the other hand, neither am I infamous. Fair enough.

Thin, well, I just don’t see it in my cards. I know I sound like I’ve given up. You know what?

I have!

Sew happy!

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