10 Things you don't know about me

Have you noticed that I’ve been blogging again on Wednesdays? Yes, I have and mostly they have nothing to do with quilting or sewing. I like to wander off topic sometimes and today is another of those days.

I have written a lot about myself the past 5 years. (I can see some of you rolling your eyes and saying WE KNOW.) But there are still things you don’t know about me, for real.

That changes today as I reveal startling details about me that you really never wanted to know. Too late, you’ve read this far you might as well continue.wedding-crasher-quotes

1. I am a wedding crasher. Yep, I spent the summer in-between my junior and senior years of high school attending the University of Guadalajara and one weekend my friend Sue and I visited Mexico City.

We had purchased our return bus tickets and paid for our hotel. We didn’t have any credit cards or money for dinner. We were walking by a lively hall where there was a wedding reception with a huge buffet.

We slipped inside, I was 5’9″ and Sue is blond. We fit right in; actually everyone was welcoming and we danced and ate. It was very fun until the band followed us back to our hotel but that’s a post for another day.

2. I believe in The Borrowers. I read the book by Mary Norton at an impressionable age and spent years trying to find them in our house. I never did but still and all, I think they’re there.

3. I do not have a middle name. My older sister has the middle name of Ann. This apparently was the only idea my parents had and my younger sister and I do not have middle names.

4. I hated my name growing up. I wanted something more fun and less confusing. In primary grades I was forever writing Kathy Mathy but I’ve gotten over it.

screenshot_20170905-1557295. I look at pictures of dachshunds to calm down. Since November I have been adding them to the accounts I follow on Instagram in addition to quilt accounts. I’m not sure there are any left to follow.

6. I have pierced various people’s ears. In high school I wanted to spare people the nonsense I went through going to a doctor and having strings for 2 weeks. I had alcohol, a cork, a freezing spray and a needle. Only one friend was subsequently banned from further visits to my house.

7. I always vote. Every election no matter how small, I cast a ballot. I do not, however, always vote for the winning candidate.

8. Teaching was my second choice career. My first idea was acting. I even applied to Northwestern’s drama college. I decided it might not be a reliable way to earn a living.

9. I still have my tonsils.

10. I do not have my frenulum, that small fold in-between your two front teeth.6676921 I had a frenectomy to remove it in 5th grade as my frenulum was very large and I had a gap. It worked, no gap remains.

However, it didn’t all work quite as planned. My parents were nervous about the cost of braces and were trying to avoid them. The oral surgeon showed them a picture similar to the one I have here.

My frenulum was longer and free, I could suck it in and out. Once gone my front teeth did close the gap but the scar tissue made them lap over each other. #crookedfrontteeth #thanksmomanddad

You’re shocked at my deep, dark secrets; I can tell. OK, turn about is fair play!

What do I not know about you?

Sew happy!

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