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Really bad sewing advice for fun and laughs

I was poking around on different sewing sites today and read a lot of sewing advice. Most of it was posted as comments to the posts. I was really shocked at some of the tips people gave. Then I started getting silly about it, trying to top their tips. I decided I feel like just... Read more »

Why follow a pattern when you can be creative

Tonight is blogapalooza, one hour to write a post on as assigned topic. The topic for today’s blogapalooza is “Write about something in your life you once obsessed about but now rarely, if ever, think about.” I read it out loud and before I had finished, I knew the answer. I used to read and stick... Read more »

7 Things I've given up on in life

I am familiar with the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.” As a result, I keep trying and eventually I usually find a way to achieve what I want. That is how I eventually learned to ride a bike, like the photos I take and eat snails. But sometimes, I have... Read more »

DIY Fast and easy upcycled bottle gift bag

To create this gift bag, first check that the sleeves are wide enough for your bottle. (They probably are.) Then cut off the sleeve of an old shirt.
My yoga teacher is leaving us to pursue a new career. We loved her and wanted to give her some wine as a good bye gift. I volunteered to create the bag. I happen to collect old shirts of my husband. Whether they are stained, worn or don’t fit right I keep them to make... Read more »

The best parts of 5 years of blogging

On September 23, 2012 I published my first blog post on ChicagoNow. It was pretty underwhelming and so was the response.  Slowly I got better at this and more people started reading my posts. I wasn’t sure how long I would keep blogging but here I am! I have kept at it because of the... Read more »

Quilt labels that would be hilarious to create

Sometimes I am full of hot talk, I act like I would do some naughty things when we all know I would not! Today I am at it again, posting about quilt labels that would be hilarious to create. You know I never would, right? I just like to pretend. Let’s see what funny labels... Read more »

Triangle quilt part two - creating the rows

I don’t know about you but I have been dreaming about triangles, lots of triangles of many colors. This is fitting because I am now on my triangle quilt part two – creating the rows. And boy do I have rows and rows of them. When I sew the triangles together I start with one... Read more »

Things I just don't care about and neither should you

There are so many great things in this world to care about, both big and little. I care about my family all the time and cute babies that anyone shows me. I care about my health and yours also, it’s important. I care about some things that don’t really matter like cookies and dachshunds. But... Read more »

2017 Bouquet Of Quilts quilt show was fantastic

This show took place at a fantastic facility, a JHS in Woodridge, Il.
I had a great time on  Saturday. I was able to attend the 40th anniversary party of a dear friend and it just so happened there was a quilt show about 10 minutes away. We left home early so I could attend the 2017 Bouquet of Quilts quilt show first. It was fantastic! I took... Read more »

How I catalog and record my quilts, confessions of a quilt nerd

There are so many fabulous aspects of my life about which I am passionate. Quilts, photographs, books are a few and they all come together in how I catalog and record my quilts. I know that I am a bit, shall we say, excessive in this regard. I admit it, I am such a quilt... Read more »
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