Reflections on the rise of Neo Nazis in our beloved country

My father fought in World War II so I was always clear on the concept that Nazis were evil. When I was in 5th grade I read The Diary of Anne Frank and the horror of the Nazis was burned into my being, never to diminish. I am in despair that there is a rise of Neo Nazis in our beloved country. I am having problems processing that this is reality.

I wasn’t aware of the events of Friday night in Charlottesville, Virginia as they were happening. Saturday morning I woke up to the news of the violence of the KKK and Nazis in horrified disbelief. A woman was killed by Nazis on American soil in 2017.

I’ve been struggling with what to do and how to handle this event ever since. How does one acknowledge pure evil, how does one calculate that into daily life? How do you combat it?  Slowly, I’ve come to a few conclusions.

It’s important, I think, to take care of yourself in healthy ways. I went to yoga, I have been hugging my grandchildren and sewing. The rhythm of the sewing machine needle is like a metronome that puts my brain into calmer beat.

20841091_10155601264196565_2163818448281726151_nI feel it’s also important to find a way to mourn, to grieve seeing this happen in today’s world. I attended a candlelight vigil in my town. It helped me accept that this had happened when surrounded by a community of other sad citizens.

I didn’t anticipate all the ripples and further actions that would continue to occur. Today I felt thrown off balance once again. I felt the need for further action.

Finding positive actions helped me grapple with the disturbing events. I made a plan to donate an older sewing machine of mine and teach the recipients how to use it. I also donated money to two different causes, one very direct and personal and the other an organization.

All of my life I have sought further information to process an event. I watched this video from Vice which was sobering, sad and terrifying. But I felt I gained knowledge plus perspective and that gave me at least a tiny bit of power over the sadness.

I reached out and communicated with people. I talked to my husband and I wrote and read my friends’ posts on Facebook. I thought about it all as I once again turned to the comfort of quilting.

Finally, I began to write this blog to share my thoughts and reflections as I sorted my jumbled up emotions and reactions.  All of the above helped me. I feel it’s important we all find our own way to understand what is going on.

I am not clear about everything that is going on nor do I have all the answers. I am very sure that the KKK and Nazis, neo or not, are evil. I reject them in my life, my country and my world.20882021_10155601264341565_121430155785523366_n

And I will fight evil wherever it hides.

Please join me.


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