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How I salvaged a tattered non vintage quilt

Our bed has a new quilt on it. If you missed the exciting news you can read about it here. It was time to retire the quilt I had made in 2000 as it had rips, holes and tears in it. We, and by we I mainly mean my grandchildren, had loved it to death.... Read more »

How to repair a broken grommet quilted bag

Have you ever had a sewing project on your to do list for say, 10 years? Me too! Believe or not, I finally got one of them done! Not only is it done but I am going to tell you how to repair a broken grommet quilted bag. You can see the original grommet quilted... Read more »

How to make your own Cold Brew Coffee

The kit I received is two mason jars and a filter.
Recently I ordered a cold brew coffee kit from the Grommet. I love coffee and in the summer I crave iced coffee. If it is cold brewed, even better, I enjoy it quite a bit. It tends to be a bit pricey to indulge my habit at Starbucks so I am going to show you how to... Read more »

Quilters need more hashtags but don't worry, I've got you covered

A fellow blogger and friend of mine published a creative post on Favorite hashtags for parents. Of course I am stealing being inspired by her idea! I think Quilters need more hashtags and I am about to supply them. First let’s reminisce a bit about the symbol for hashtag, #. I remember when it meant... Read more »

My next challenge is to improve my garment making skills

I like challenges in quilting and sewing, they keep me on my toes. My last challenge was to create a King sized quilt which is finally finished, leaving me free to try something new. I needed something new and different. I got a notification from Thimble Quilt Shop in Lockport and I signed up. I am... Read more »

Modern King sized Courthouse Steps Quilt is finished

What a marvelous feeling, the modern king sized courthouse steps quilt is finished. I am thrilled! I have a few projects I can work on now and I may stop dreaming about green fabric. I quilted this big quilt in a big design, bold like the quilt. I did geometric shapes that interconnected over all... Read more »

I have had a number of odd experiences in public bathrooms but this last one topped them all

I have had a number of odd experiences in public bathrooms but this last one topped them all. I know, you’re jealous. You wish you felt nature’s call more often so you could increase the odds of having bizarre encounters of the washroom kind. I had my purse swiped in a bathroom in high school... Read more »

Quick idea for adding some feminine fun to a Halloween top

Halloween is on the horizon and it’s a great idea for picking up good deals on kids’ clothing. My daughter snapped up matching shirts for her children but Zara balked. She wanted a girl version! Luckily I had a quick idea for adding some feminine fun to a Halloween top and I am here to... Read more »

Reasons we quilters give for not finishing a project

I love quilts and quilters and because I am one of this community I can laugh at myself, at all of us. Most of my humor posts are just that, stretching the truth to its most ridiculous. It’s fun! So today let’s examine reasons we quilters give for not finishing a project. 1. I can’t... Read more »

3 stupendous blog updates and one bummer

I am beginning to think that blogging about quilting is almost as magnificent as quilting! After nearly 5 years I sometimes receive terrific emails or comments on old blogs or learn spectacular tips from my readers. I am thrilled that I have 3 stupendous blog updates to report and (sad trombone) one bummer update. First... Read more »