How to repair a broken grommet quilted bag

Have you ever had a sewing project on your to do list for say, 10 years? Me too! Believe or not, I finally got one of them done! Not only is it done but I am going to tell you how to repair a broken grommet quilted bag.


You can see the original grommet quilted bag in the upper left. I loved the bag and spent hours making it. I made 2 others as gifts.

I used it to bring my papers, etc. to school. The grommets popped out within the first month and the bag was too floppy. I was sick about it.

I spent some time sulking, denying and ignoring. This phase lasted a couple of years. Then I got a Keepsake catalog showing a similar bag with a handle which I kept for inspiration. For how long, oh let’s say 5 more years.

When I was in Paducah I spied a kit to make handles and a stabilizer that would adhere on both sides with ironing, perfect! I snapped them up and added them to the bag and the catalog. Two years later, I got serious!bags-re-2

I ripped the stitches from the top part with the grommets and separated it from the bag. I threw that in the garbage. Then I took out the lining and ordered some fabric for new straps. Phew, then I took a break.

I have the picture of the lining on the stabilizer. I opened up the bottom and cut out two pieces. I sewed the lining, the stabilizer and the bag together at the very top. Then I ironed it quite a bit to make sure the adhesive was firmly in place.

bags-re-3Already I was happy, the bag stood up by itself. Of course it needed some handles, the main reason for the repairs.

I cut two four inch strips by WOF, in this case about 60. I sewed them together down the long side. Finally,  I used the heavy interfacing provided in the kit and shoved it in there, phew!

Oh I wasn’t done, that kit had multiple steps. I sewed that stiff strap together, again on the long side, a scant 1/8″ from the edge. I used a tool I had purchased for turning strips inside out to wiggle the plastic tubing inside the strap. I left 6 inches free of tubing at each end.

Those straps were sewn together to make a circle, EVENTUALLY. In the picture it looks like it was the next step. The photo collage is just all about the straps. bags-re-4

I measured around my bag, divided by two and created two pieces that measurement in length and 8 inches wide. I had to piece them to get them long enough but the whole bag is pieced, no biggie.

I hemmed both short edges on both strips before I folded the top edge over and pressed it. I did not interface it as I wanted it to be able to gather easily. I then sewed that piece, right sides together, to the bag top.

I reinforced that stitching on the outside. I pressed it to the inside and stitched that down and bags-re-5reinforced it on the outside as well. That strip is not going anywhere and the stitching looks decorative

After all of this was done, I wiggled the straps inside the top part I had just added. That is why I hemmed the sides, this was where I would snake the handle/strap through and it would look neat.

I sewed the ends together once the handle/strap was inside the top. I considered stitching a smaller channel for the straps but decided against it. bags-re-6I rotated the handles so the sewn middle was hidden inside the top.

I was making this up as I went along and I was shocked it all worked out. I wanted to be able to see inside the bag and have it fit over my shoulder.

Having the fabric gather on the handle/strap enabled me to do both. That was a function of the grommets before, they just didn’t have the integrity to withstand the weight of anything added to the bag.

I managed to salvage the outside which had taken a lot of time to create. I salvaged the lining with all its pockets and found an interfacing stabilizer which adhered to both pieces.

I am really happy with the finished bag. I had a vision and the right products plus tools to make it happen.

And it only took 10 years!

Sew happy!

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