3 stupendous blog updates and one bummer

I am beginning to think that blogging about quilting is almost as magnificent as quilting! After nearly 5 years I sometimes receive terrific emails or comments on old blogs or learn spectacular tips from my readers. I am thrilled that I have 3 stupendous blog updates to report and (sad trombone) one bummer update. First the good news!

In 2015 I visited Calvin Coolidge’s home for the second time.20170719_220407 I enjoy the fact that he is a President who made a quilt! There was a t-shirt in the gift shop to commemorate this achievement. I wrote about our visit and that they were out of my size so I did not purchase one.

The astonishing thing is that the designer/creator of that shirt, Willow Bascom, recently saw my post. She commented, we exchanged emails and guess what I have now? YES, my own Calvin Coolidge t-shirt. Can you believe it?

I love wearing quilt t-shirts when I’m at home. Now I have a new cool one, thanks Willow!


My next update is fun as heck but not quite as exciting as my t-shirt. Last year I wrote about putting decals on my car. I even showed them, you can see them here as well as read the post.

I have decals for Quilts, yoga, reading and swimming besides my normal University of Illinois and Cubs sticker. What was missing? You guessed it, sewing.

I happened to be at my LQS and someone asked about the sewing car stickers. My ears perked up. Yes, I can be a total eavesdropper.

I casually listened to the answer and strolled over to the box. I flipped one of those onto my pile. The next challenge was to actually put it on the car.

I eventually remembered right after I got a car wash. I mounted it and beamed with pride. Perfect!dsc04739

My next update is about a much more recent blog post. Since we covered 2015 and 16, are you ready for 2017? Last month I published a review of my stripology ruler.

I was thrilled with it for cutting up 2 layers of fabric, it was formidable. But I was disappointed that it didn’t work when I had 4 layers. Many of you are smarter than I am.

You noticed that I was using a 45 mm rotary cutter and suggested I try a 60 mm. So I did! I went online and ordered not only a 60 mm but one that is easier on my wrist.

Guess what? That 60 mm rotary cutter cut through all 4 layers like it was butter, butter I tell you! I also adore using this new rotary cutter but wowza, the blades are expensive.


Now for the disappointing update. Rats, I wish they could all be uplifting. I personally need as much good news as I can get.

In June of 2016 I posted about light for my sewing machine. At that point I was pretty darn pleased with this small stick on light. I had gotten it from Massdrop.

Now I am not as pleased. The light bulb started pulsating about one year later. I don’t know about you but disco lighting is NOT what I want for sewing. Or even for disco, to the honest!

I tried everything but couldn’t get it to work. I threw it out. Not only was it fairly pricey but with a year it ended up in a landfill. Boo!

Luckily the LED strip lighting that a reader recommended is still working great. My eyes and I are quite happy.

The ayes have it! (I love puns.)


Sew happy!

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