Sisters, OR is a marvelous town to visit

I just got back from a trip of a lifetime and I want to tell you that Sisters, OR is a marvelous town to visit. I loved it even before the largest outdoor quilt show in the US. Combine a terrific town and a fantastic show and it was the trip of a lifetime.

We flew into Portland and rented a car to drive to Sisters. We had to collect our luggage,20170705_163953 pick up our rental car, fight Portland rush hour traffic and do one important thing before we left the city. Yep, I had to get some coffee!

I was elated that I had as although we landed on time at 2:00, we did not arrive in Sisters until 9:00 pm. Whoa! The car and the traffic really ate up time and we got there too late for things collage1499318753928like dinner!

The beauty of our hotel made up for all the inconveniences. We stayed at Five Pine Lodge which was gorgeous and luxurious. They also stocked some tasty snacks in their gift shop. Score!2017-07-07-003

The next morning we drove around to get the lay of the land. The majestic mountains are the Three Sisters and give this town its name. It was quite the treat for us, being from the Midwest, to see them in the distance.

Cliff was able to explore the surrounding area Friday while I was in class the next day. We both had a 2017-07-06-007wonderful experience. This was our next order of business, arrange what I needed for class.

We drove back into town and I was able to buy the fabrics I needed 2017-07-06-006and line up a sewing machine rental. I had been so involved in the logistics of the trip that I had missed those two details completely. Oops!

Outside of the bustling quilt store I experienced a frisson of pleasure spotting the signs for the show. I was here and I would see it. What a great feeling!


After not having any meal choices the night before we were determined to find restaurants today. We had had breakfast at the hotel and found a great lunch spot in town. All week we were able to easily get a table at the restaurants by our hotel, just slightly out of town.hotel-room

We explored more of Sisters and had this picturesque park all to ourselves. It was completely different during the show. Don’t you just love that mural? Me too!

We were very content with the town, adored the nature and were looking forward to the next day. It felt decadent to return to our lodge. I enjoyed the pool every single day as it was steps from our room.

This was just the start of our adventure. I can’t wait to tell you about my class, the quilt store and something else.

Oh yes, the quilt show! The reason we had come all this way. Stay tuned!

Sew happy!

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