Review of Intuitive Color and Design by Jean Wells

Jean Wells is a legend in the quilt world for a multitude of reasons. I am a new fan, having gotten myself to this point via her shop in Sisters, Oregon. Now I could kick myself that I have not had my eye out for her at other quilting events and shows. However, better late than never is my motto and even better is to ponder her book. Which book you might be wondering as she has written 30. Yowza!

I purchased her latest book at her store. If only I had thought to track her down and have her autograph it. Another time, perhaps, but now I am interested in writing a review of Intuitive Color and Design by Jean Wells.


I became interested in this book when I spotted this display at the Stitchin’ Post. The quilts were so fabulous and then I spied the book down below. After I got my fabric cut I wandered over to the books and picked it up.

While I was getting the book, I also added a bag featuring the kinds of quilts she makes. wells-bag

They made a good set, the book and an example.

I have read through the book several times, poring over various sections. It is not a “how to” but more of a why not. It is about freeing yourself and trusting your own instincts.

There are some good tips about balance, color and composition but it is more of a coaching book. It encourages you to take risks. She shows how she does her quilts but not how to do your quilts.


I would not have been ready for this book five or ten years ago. I had to experience my own forays into designing quilts. I needed to understand more the type of process she is describing.

I would not call all of the book Adventures in Art Quilting. That’s because for me, personally, an art quilt is not a quilt you would use. I view art quilts as ones you hang on the wall.

I am reading it while looking for inspiration in taking risks and chances. That is what I am finding here and I like her words.

I would recommend this book for someone who wants to abandon patterns altogether and create who knows what in an innovative way.

It’s not a book for everyone but it is a good book for me at this point in my quilting.

Sew happy!

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