Review of the book Quilts and Human Rights

Friday was my birthday which was a wonderful time with family and time to do just what I wanted to do. Yes, I did quilt! I also celebrated at breakfast with everyone and got lovely gifts. One of them was a terrific new book on quilts. I want to tell you all about it in this review of the book Quilts and Human Rights.


Quilting is such a fabulous hobby. I love the process, every aspect of it. I also love the quilts that are the end result, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Most of my quilts adorn my walls, cover my beds or keep my family warm. But I am acutely aware that quilts can be so many different things. They are warmth, love, art and statements about the world around us.qhr-re-2

The moment I spotted the title I knew that this was a book I wanted to own, read, peruse and then do it all over again. This feeling was reinforced by the dedication.

I hadn’t read a book like this before and I think it really fills an important need in the quilt world. I adore books with beautiful quilts, new techniques, great stories and new trends or fabrics. I am adding this book to the books about quilting that I treasure.


While I was inspired by the dedication, I think I was even more moved by the title of the first text chapter. This idea of quilters who make quilts to do good, to make the world a better place is one of my favorite aspects of the quilting community. No matter how many or few a quilter makes for this kind of reason, it’s a really cool part of their body of work.qhr-re-4

Quilts and Human Rights has 100+ quilts pictured in its pages. All of them have rich and significant stories about them. This Story Quilt by Sua Her of Thailand spoke to me as the plights of all refugees is important.

Some of the pictures in the book are difficult to view. For example there is a quilt which was made as a fundraiser for the KKK. I initially breezed by it but went and finally did look at it.


This image really caught my eye. Every since I read the book Shakespeare Saved My Life, I have a keen interest in sewing done by incarcerated folks. These are the Jefferson County Correctional Quilters in MO who quilt as part of their paying their debt to society.


The final page of which I took a picture was I want to Stitch by Bethan Ash of Wales. It is also the back cover of the book as it seems to sum up all the quilts we see in this collection. So many reasons to stitch are included in this fabric portrayal of quilters’ desires.

I will flip through this book many times in the future, as I have already done. I found the text was compelling but the pictures of the quilts are the images will live on in my head. If you love quilts in all their fascinating permutations then I think you would enjoy this publication as well.

Now I want to learn more about these quilts and the quilters. I want to have my eyeballs in the same room with some of these important statements. I am uplifted by viewing all kinds of quilts and these are no exception.

I think there might be a road trip or two in my future. I hope I can see some of these Quilts and Human Rights. I am willing to travel.

Who wants to drive?

Sew happy!

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I have made two quilt with a conscience myself. Here is a link to my political quilt and this will bring you to my Pulse quilt.

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