Updates on posts from the past

I have some updates on posts from the past, aren’t you pretty darn excited? Yay, because I just had to share changes that had occurred since I first posted about some events in my life. Let’s get to it, shall we?

First of all, do you remember when I posted about my deck? Of course you do! I had purchased a heater to be able to use it more.update-re-3

A reader on my Facebook page suggested I might also want to invest in a fan. And not just any fan, oh no! She suggested a pretty special fan.

I had never heard of an outdoor fan with a mist function. In addition she told me it could help with mosquitoes. Be still my heart!

update-re-4My husband did the research and sure enough we found one just like she had described. We ordered it from Home Depot and it arrived quickly. Cliff put it together and we started using it immediately.

It’s a hit! We used it on Mother’s day with our new flowers and cushions we got last year. Nope, I didn’t make any of them. Our deck is like having an extra room on our condo. Thanks for the great tip!

What’s next? Last fall I posted about donating my scraps to Zara’s preschool. It was great because I was able to buy more fabric to reduce my stash. In fact I donated a bagful twice and have another one nearly set for next fall.


Every once in a while I would ask Zara, did you use any fabric today at school. She would always say NO. I just stopped asking.

Last week her backpack came up with her as my Daughter was picking her up from our house. Emily started going through it and recycling some items and saving others.

She stopped when she got to one paper and smiled. She said to Zara, I think Grandma will like this one. Take it to her.

Zara brought it over to me and I was so tickled. They had used my fabric. They had not only used it, they had used it well.

There it was, an example of the letter Q in all its glory. Zara and the other kids had made small four patch quilts. I was ecstatic.

Zara thought I was a bit goofy for loving the paper so much but what else is new? I am keeping this one in my sewing room. It will remind me to put more in the donate bag!

updated-re-2Final update! You will have to really have a good memory to recall the post I wrote about Christmas decorations. We have really decreased our collection and have it all stashed in one closet. In the picture, you can tell that the closet is nearly empty.

You can only see a few red and green Christmas bins. This was obviously pretty soon after we had reclaimed this closet. Shelby still gets to store things on top, like quilts, but we have the bottom.

As we only have 4 closets in this condo, you know this was not going to last. I always say, “Nature abhors a vacuum” and that closet qualified.

I shoved my yoga props in there. My husband stored his vast orange and blue fleece collection in there. Don’t judge – he loved U of Illinois, the Bears and the Broncos, all orange and blue.

We also are doing work for my high school Spanish teacher. He is living in South America right now so we help him with him DVD business. He’s 90 and still active as can be!

I won an Amazon gift card for a blog I wrote and I decided we had to clean up that closet. It was not as pristine as I had originally posted. I selected a sturdy shelving unit.

Cliff put it together and I got to organize it. I love organizing. Looks, it all fits now including the decoration bins.

And all of Shelby’s quilts are still safe and sound on the top closet shelves.

Sew happy!

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