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6 Descriptions of quilts you will never read at any Quilt Show ever

I go to as many quilt shows as I can squeeze in and I always have a wonderful time. I float about at first, then I circle back and focus on those quilts which made my eyes light up. I always read the descriptions. Sometimes they are short and other times long and often poignant.... Read more »

Small design walls are also fabulous

I have written before about my design walls. Yes, that is plural, I have a large one for me and one for Zara. I thought she might not like having such a big one so I ordered her a small one via Massdrop. It arrived and I excitedly showed it to her. She politely said,... Read more »

Facts about Dear Jane quilts and examples from the International Quilt Festival Chicago

Dear Jane quilts have been popular for over twenty years. However, I have always viewed them from afar; I was in awe at the workmanship but filed them under “quilts I will never make.” Because of the International Quilt Festival I am motivated to know more about them. I decided to learn more about them and share some... Read more »

Trunk show with Heather Givans of Crimson Tate is a perfect way to spend a Friday night

I don’t go out on the town much, in fact my husband and I have a routine where we collapse in front of the television with pizza after our grandchildren leave. This past Friday night I broke with tradition and wandered over to Thimbles in Lockport, IL. I attended a fantastic trunk show with Heather... Read more »

How to host a perfect In Cold Blood book club

What is better than reading a great book? I think discussing it with friends moves it up a notch, then add in some food and you’ve got a good thing going on. If you would like more details I will be happy to provide them as I explain how to host a perfect In Cold... Read more »

How to create a deconstructed table runner

Remember my post on how to deconstruct a Kansas Star block? No? Go read it now then, I shall wait. Memory refreshed? Great! Now you are thinking, “What do we do with these 7 blocks?” And today, I have the answer for you! I am going to explain how to create a deconstructed table runner.... Read more »

Congenital heart disease is a pre existing condition which concerns Jimmy Kimmel and me

This week has been emotional for people who care about health care. There are many reasons why it’s been emotional but one is because of the video Jimmy Kimmel posted about his son and his heart disease. His son is not alone. Many Americans have pre exisiting conditions, I would imagine nearly everyone over 40... Read more »

Sewing articles in the recent news you will enjoy

I love to read all kinds of things and I read about quilts whenever I can. I encountered some sewing article in the recent news you will enjoy. Or maybe not but I am sharing them with you anyway! Here are 4 tidbits I’ve run across lately, enjoy! This article caught my eye because I... Read more »

Beyond plays and restaurants - I found sewing walking on the streets of NYC

Every so often I am lucky enough to visit New York City with my friends from college who are very savvy about what’s hot on Broadway. I am a huge Yelper so I find the restaurants on Yelp and we have a great time. In the past, I have visited The City Quilter, the wonderful... Read more »

A quick tip for sewing room safety

Sewing room safety is not a huge concern for quilters but there are a few issues to worry about. We work with big machine, items that cut and needles. Usually we are extremely careful about all of these factors. I have to admit, however, that I’ve been negligent in one area for years. Changing my... Read more »