My take on the recent public controversy in the Quilting Community

I am a quilter and I love the quilting community. I have taken wonderful classes, attended superb quilt shows and met kind hearted people. I am generally so darn proud to be a quilter. Today, however, I was not. I had non quilting friends posting about the recent public controversy in the Quilting Community and I was ashamed and embarrassed.

I am the tiniest frog in the quilting pond so I only find out about events when they are very public. I don’t have my ear to the ground, I am not in the know and I am the opposite of famous. I just love to quilt, sew and create.

My understanding is that there is a secret Facebook page, Conservative Quilters. On this page quilters made comments that were often critical of other quilters especially if their looks or choices differed from the quilter commenting. There was also an effort to write to Innova and ask them to remove two quilters from their ads, ambassador program and other benefits. I am going to break down how I feel about all of this.

secretI am on Facebook, I run a public page and I have joined other quilt Facebook pages and groups. A secret page is not that bad, in my opinion, if you don’t want just anyone to read your comments. We have one for ChicagoNow bloggers.

It is an effective way to disseminate information about blogging classes, changes or innovations. Sometimes bloggers share secret heart ache that they don’t want to be public. I think it is fine to have a secret page but NOT if it’s because you know people would find your postings hateful and to try and hurt others.

I think being Conservative, Liberal, Apathetic or any other way you want to feel about politics is fine, it’s your absolute right. But no label should cloak mean so-and-sospirited comments about others. If you don’t like someone’s politics, don’t be friends with them or follow them.

Luckily I did not experience this first hand. I was not a member of any secret quilt group. I was not the target of any group.

I did not discover this issue on my own, I read about it as you may well have as well. I first read about it on GenerationQ’s website. Then this reference came through my timeline on Facebook. A friend sent this link to me and I received this link as well. (Warning: some of the language on these sites is salty. I choose not to use that kind of language on my pages or blogs. Other people make different choices.)

I am really sad that all of this is happening. Quite frankly, I don’t really understand it. Isn’t there so much fun, fabric and patterns out there to keep us all a-a-a-judgebusy? I sure haven’t sewn all I want to and I plan to keep working on it.

If your quilts are better than mine then I will work harder to improve mine or just congratulate you. If your style, colors or fabrics are not my preferences then I will try to see the beauty in yours. If my beliefs and yours are different then that is how I will label them, different.

If you get a free machine, cool trips or nifty swag from companies because of your quilts then I may wish it was me. Perhaps I will work harder to earn them myself. Or, more likely, I may take a nap and realize I just don’t have that fire in my belly.

I love you quilters! I adore those who play with fabric. I celebrate all who

But the mean jerks? I don’t have time for that nonsense, life is too short.

Go quilt on a different frame, this one is for love!

Sew happy!

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