I wish I was not a sugar addict

It is blogapalooza time again. Our community manager gives us a challenge topic and we have one hour to post about it. Here is tonight’s topic.

“Write about something you hate to use or rely on but can’t do without.”

That’s pretty easy for me, I hate the fact that I am addicted to sugar. Yessiree, like most Americans I eat way too much sugar and I love it. I crave it! I wish I was not a sugar addict.fleck

No sooner do I have my beverage then I imagine how perfect a little treat would pair with it. If they are my daughter’s molasses ginger cookies then I am done for. She is a superb cookie maker.

I used to bake cookies but I do not anymore. You would think this would help and it does, somewhat. Here’s the hitch. I also have a weakness, albeit less, for store-bought cookies.

If they are bakery cookies they are generally very hard to resist. I try to avoid bakeries but cookies often come in lu_1my Peapod order. I wonder who orders them?

Who knows that I adore the French cookie Le Petit Ecolier, or the Little Schoolboy. I know, it sounds bad, sortof cannibalistic. But they really taste great if they are the dark chocolate.

I am pretty sure I sew better when I have a few cookies under my belt. Yes, that’s the ticket, my quilting improves when I am all hopped up on cookies. My daughter makes batches of cookies in December and I get a lot of sewing done then so there might actually be something to this theory.

But a true sugar addict does not eat just cookies. You have to have variety and I must confess I also love candy. I “hide” candy bars in the kitchen but everyonenopeppper knows my hiding places, it’s kind of a game we all play.

I am a fool for Chuckles and for Newman’s Own Peppermint cups, dark chocolate of course. I kid you not I write better blogs when I have one of those naughty treats by my computer. Doesn’t chocolate release endorphins or something?

chuckles-wrapper-smallThose make a person happy and a happy person is a good writer. Or maybe not, weren’t the great authors all anguished souls? Maybe I would be a better writer if I didn’t eat candy? I suppose I must suffer for my craft.

For the past two and a half months I have not bought any candy or cookies. I only drink one coke a week. I cut the vanilla syrup in my daily coffee to one pump. I don’t eat dark chocolate every day anymore.

You might be thinking that I finally came to my senses and cleaned up my act. You would be partially right. I did this because my doctor told me that I was prediabetic. That scared me.

I had an excuse, well, an explanation. I told him that after my eye surgery people were incredibly nice to me and showered me with cards, candy, cookies, shakes, more candy and more cookies. One person sent me fruit!

I ate it all, lying on my side. I would cry a bit, eat a bit, nap a bit and then start all over. But to be perfectly honest, I had been overindulging since last Halloween.

I go back to the doctor in two weeks and we shall see if I have done well. I’ve had a few desserts when we’ve gone out or for birthdays. I am trying like heck to establish better habits.

Sometimes when I am hungry at night, I just go to bed. During the afternoon I try to hang out in my sewing room and sew out the sugar cravings. I eat a banana with my coffee.

If I haven’t made the goal of lowering my blood sugar then I will have to cut deeper. You’ll know because those transition blogs will be about things that annoytoast-with-water me or why I hate such and such. QuiltingSewingComplaining?

My frustration may show up in my sewing. I’ll make quilts with really dark and angry colors. Actually that sounds like kind of a cool quilt.

Here’s hoping I can banish most of the sugar from my diet. I will work on carbs next then anything that tastes good. Let’s drink to my success.

Cheers from my glass of water to yours!

Here is some sugar that is not at all bad for me, in fact it’s a darling video that brings a smile to my fact every time I watch it. This I can enjoy every day!

Sew happy!

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