I made a political quilt to benefit a good cause

I have been creating quilts for 33 years and this is the first time that I have made one with a political message. I wasn’t opposed to the idea but I am not the speediest of quilters. I always figured that whatever the cause was it would be gone and forgotten before I finished the quilt. Since I retired, however, I have been donating a quilt once a year. That felt really good so I decided to combine that with an upcoming political art show. I made a political quilt to benefit a good cause that will receive the profits from the art show.

I had about a month or so to execute a quilt and I was hopeless until I realized it could be a small quilt. I could do a small quilt for sure! I just needed an idea.

I have always been in awe of the Suffragettes. They gave so much and were abused so much. They paved the way to make Votes for Women a reality.

I studied pictures of them. They all wore white. I could make a white quilt!

resist-re-1Their efforts and sacrifices led to the passage of the 19th amendment. Nineteen, huh? 19 squares? I know, 19 strips of white!

I found as many different white fabrics that I could but I repeated as well. A few are “vintage” in that they were in the fabrics I inherited from my mother. I liked that.

I started with the very first strip, before I cut it. I wanted the very first RESIST to be in the exact middle and perfectly sewn. I used stabilizer and cut the strip after I had a version I liked.

I then added the remaining 18 inch and a half strips to alternating sides. I made sure to also alternate the end at which I stitched. I did not have any waves!resist-re-2

I wanted to use a dark backing so I interfaced it with SF 101 by Pellon, a woven fusible interfacing. It was a bit stiff but the woven fabric really made the dark back feasible. I will definitely use it again.

I quilted 19 straight lines that intersected each horizontal strip. I wanted to do that to show the intersectionality of Equality. I used the Suffragettes as an inspiration but I wanted to show that I support Freedom, rights and equality for all.

I then stitched RESIST all over the quilt once it was quilted. Some were upside down, in fact the very first one was. I put them horizontally and I squished some and didn’t complete others. This is why I named the quilt Resist Any Which Way to show that all can resist in their own way.


This is the completed quilt. I bound it in red because I feel red represents power, love and heart, all things that women have. I did not wash it as it is for a wall.


Here is the back of the quilt. I wanted to use these comic book images of Strong and Powerful women because I welcome all women, all ways of resisting. I was lucky I had this in my stash.

I also added a sleeve on the back. I slipped a dowel rod through the sleeve and my husband held it up. Usually he has to hold them way up, this one was easy as it’s 20″ by 20″.

I hope it sells and makes a lot of money for the crisis center. I hope that the women there can become powerful and equal in their own lives. I hope their children can live calm and peaceful lives.

If only I was actually Wonder Woman, I could guarantee it.

Sew happy!

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I have donated three other quilts. 2016 link, 2015 link and 2014 link.

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