I finally started my Modern Courthouse Steps king size quilt

Have you ever had a project that sortof just looms over you? You know you have to do it and you will. You just need to buy a few more fabrics. And oh yes, there’s that other small quilt or gift you need to make. Before you know it, a couple of years can pass by. But good news, I finally started my modern courthouse steps king size quilt. What a nice feeling.


Every time I would see a quilt I liked I would think, oh that’s a great idea for my new quilt. This helped me put off actually starting it. I finally decided that I would do a hybrid of a quilt from Blue Underground and Tula Pink.

You can see my inspirations here. I was first thinking I might do a sort of Log Cabin but Courthouse Steps worked better. I made a super professional drawing of the block and the dimensions.mcourt-re-2

I pulled out all the fabrics I had purchased and even discovered I had bought two different fabrics for the back. What the heck I may use them both. After washing them all I started cutting 9″ x 8.5″ mcourt-re-3rectangles and 2.5″ strips.

I cut a lot of them as the blocks are 20″ square and I need 30 of them. After a while, I was getting tired of cutting. I had finished up all my other projects so it was just cut, cut, cut.


I put my small design wall next to my machine. Then I piled all the strips I had cut so far around it. This was the start of the first block but I had to change it as the 9″ has to go across as it will eventually get cut in half.

It would have been really swell if I had made that switch BEFORE I sewed the first block together. But at least it was only half way done. And I do like to practice my mad skills with my seam ripper.

After I made the first block, I went right ahead and made a second one. I cut each of mcourt-re-5them in half. I put all the halves on my big design wall. I paired up two halves and held my breath.

Hey, I like it, phew! I haven’t sewn it together yet, not sure why not. I guess I am still keeping my options open.

I have 28 more blocks to go. It took a couple of years to get to this point but I think I will pick up the pace.

I also think that liking what I have begun will increase my production speed. It is my summer goal, to finish this top and then quilt it.

And yes, I mean this summer!

Sew happy!

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