Small Cubs quilts are finished

My husband was watching the Cubs game, wrapped in his Cubs quilt, and I was sewing. Before the end I had a great moment, the small Cubs quilts are finished. Home run for me!


After I finished the first top, I put it on Zara’s design wall. I put the remaining blocks up on the other design wall. The two are exactly the same but for one block, an extra t-shirt block on Henry’s.

I replaced a block with another t-shirt block as I determined they had to have one difference. My son in law brought over another t-shirt and I was set. 2 nearly identical quilts!sm-cubs-q-1-quilting-re

While I was piecing the second quilt I was free to quilt the first. I decided to do simple straight line quilting. Here is a look at the quilting on the first quilt.

When I finished quilting that quilt, I made a huge amount of binding. I thought I had enough for two quilts but as it turns out, I sm-cubs-quilt-1-cropped-re-markedprobably have enough for a third!sm-cubs-q-2-quilting-re

In fact, I was able to use some of the leftover binding from Cliff’s quilt. Good thing I like the color blue! I was fortunate also to have a lot of blue thread available.

Here is the straight line quilting from the second quilt, both quilted in red. I did make one error however, I ran out of bobbin thread with a row to go on the first quilt. I popped another one in, assuming that it was the second red bobbin I had made.


Or I thought I did. It was actually orange, yikes! I didn’t notice it until I started the second quilt. So they both have one line of dark orange which is kind of fun!

Or at least it makes them unique! Actually you really can’t notice it unless you really look for it. Once I finished the second one I convinced myself this was true.

Years from now if Zara and Henry notice they may wonder why there is this one orange line. I will say, why, I did that on purpose to make sure your quilts are different from all the other Cubs quilts in the world.

Think they will buy it?


I spread both quilts out on the sofa after I washed and dried them. I will let the kids pick which one they want. I will always remember that I finished them the night the Cubs raised the World Series banner, good memory.

My Cubs have realized my dreams and I’ve made the quilts to prove it!

Sew happy!

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