How to add some quilt to any Vacation

We just came back from a 10 day beach vacation with our oldest daughter, her husband and their two children. We stayed in a 4 bedroom condo together at Turquoise Place on Orange Beach. It was such a fun and relaxing time of sun, sand, pools and ocean views. Shockingly, this was a trip not planned around any quilt shows, workshops or even fabric stops planned. I know, I am slipping.

I figured that I would figure things out as we went and by golly, I did! Let me tell you how to add some quilt to any vacation. It helps if you have a smart phone, a flexible husband, a keen eye and are driving.

anniversaryWe set off early on a Friday morning and went south on I-57. This is the way we like to go south so we can stop at Firefly Cafe, a perfect restaurant in Effingham, Illinois. We had a sumptuous lunch and celebrated our anniversary a day early!

I think I was too busy napping and then celebrating to plan ahead on adding the quilt. I was reading as we went vacation-re-2further south and crossed into Kentucky. Wait a darn minute, Kentucky?

As in Paducah, Kentucky? Quilt capital of America and home of my favorite quilt store, Hancock’s of Paducah?

The very one! I asked for 20 minutes so I could buy at least one fabric. Cliff agreed
so he could get a little nap!

I may have been there a bit longer than 20 minutes. All I know is that the door was locked as I left and that bag, well, it has more than a yard in it. I was one happy lady who had just put some quilt into her vacation.

vacation-re-3Here’s my loot. 10 yards of dishtowel fabric, some Mexican themed fabric for an apron and some blue fabric. Why? Because BLUE.

If we had not been driving, this get your quilt on moment would not have been possible. And I am lucky that my husband doesn’t mind side trips.

We got back on the highway and made it to our destination fairly late. But it was worth it! We had celebrated our 17th anniversary and I got some great yardage.vacation-re-1

The next day we met our daughter’s family at the U.S. Space and Rocket center museum in Huntsville, Alabama. My husband had entered first and got his picture taken. I always knew he was out of this world!


I wasn’t sure if I could put some quilting or sewing into today’s excursion and then I saw it. A display about smocking that I loved. I really am not sure now why it was in that museum but hey, I am glad it was.

Sometimes you really have to LOOK to put some quilt in that vacation. I bet you can find something in almost any museum. Make it a treasure hunt!

I had a book about places to shop for fabrics, I had my smart phone and I had the Yelp app which I used to track down quilt stores. But for the first time, I really didn’t have any stunning success finding a must see quilt store. I even recycled the book, it wasn’t a help at all. vacation-re-4

I did visit 3 stores but only bought some things at one. The other ones just weren’t my thing. At all.

At one of the stores I spotted a black and white hounds-tooth zipper and HAD to have it. I found some fat quarters in black and white and figured I could make a bag. I like to support local shops so I was glad to pick up a few more items but not a shop I would recommend.

I spent the week just having fun and not sewing anything. I am back now to my real life and refreshed and ready to get back to my sewing studio. I want to create, the beach awoke the creative spirit in me.

And create I will, once I get through that pile of vacation laundry!

Sew happy!

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