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How to deconstruct a quilt block

Here are all the fabrics I planned on using. I didn't end up using the greyish one.
My modern quilt guild decides on topics a year at a time. Last year in 2016 the list for 2017 was published and we talked about who would volunteer to do which topics. I like to do my fair share so I volunteered to present on how to deconstruct a quilt block. Of course I... Read more »

Quilters are super honest as is the International Quilt Festival

In my lifetime I have not had tremendous luck with cameras. Maybe it’s bad karma from high school when my then boyfriend gave me this dopey promise ring for Christmas. I did not want it or anything it implied so I lied and said my mom would not let me keep it, let’s trade it... Read more »

How to add some quilt to any Vacation

We just came back from a 10 day beach vacation with our oldest daughter, her husband and their two children. We stayed in a 4 bedroom condo together at Turquoise Place on Orange Beach. It was such a fun and relaxing time of sun, sand, pools and ocean views. Shockingly, this was a trip not... Read more »

Let's talk about bidets

I traveled to Mexico in High School and lived in Spain for a year in college. I don’t know when I learned about bidets but there must have been a moment when someone clued me in. I imagine a teacher or friend said, Let’s talk about bidets. When I took students to France for the... Read more »

You're in luck - more quilt ecards

I did this last year.
It’s inevitable, when I do a collection of memes then I have to do another one! You’re in luck, here is a post with more quilt ecards. I think you will like them! I collected some of my favorites from July to December of 2016. That’s long enough for you to have forgotten them if... Read more »

How to create a mediocre Barbie skirt

My granddaughter fervently wanted to win the Barbie Easter basket at our recent Breakfast with the Bunny extravaganza at the local high school. We bought boatloads of tickets, way more than the basket was worth. And she won! Hip hip hooray! Total happiness, right? Initially, yes but then she discovered that the Barbie was a... Read more »

Here's a quick way to get more use out of your deck

Last year we redid our deck and I adore it. It’s clean, sleek and will never need any work from us to maintain it. When winter came it felt like we had lost the use of a room. I had a great idea that I am sharing with you. Here’s a quick way to get... Read more »

Hooray Quilt meme time again

No contest!
You knew a compilation of memes post was coming, right? I hear you saying, hooray quilt meme time again! I like memes, obviously, and I like being able to post them again. One time on my Facebook page is not enough. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed making them. This... Read more »

How to save favorite stained, ripped or torn garments

I am famous for wearing what I eat, right on the middle of my shirt. I have clothes I have purchased that never quite fit right or felt good. I have other clothes that somehow shrink in the closet. I am all about getting rid of those items. I go through my closet twice a... Read more »

Small Cubs quilts are finished

My husband was watching the Cubs game, wrapped in his Cubs quilt, and I was sewing. Before the end I had a great moment, the small Cubs quilts are finished. Home run for me! After I finished the first top, I put it on Zara’s design wall. I put the remaining blocks up on the... Read more »
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