Options for creating string piecing fabric

My eyes are still taking it easy so I don’t have a new project to reveal. However, I had completed a goal last week that I want to show off. My Modern Quilters guild has members demonstrate their skills and for this year I had requested a demo on string piecing. I had seen the term bandied about on the internet and I wondered, are they using strings? How thin does the fabric have to be. What I discovered at guild is that there are options for creating string piecing fabric.

2017-03-05-007Who knew?

Not me! Years ago I had made this top for a cabinet in our bathroom. I called it quilt as you go as I had a muslin base where I sewed random strips of fabric.2017-03-05-008

Just last year I created 4 of these table runners. Turns out that’s string piecing also which I created by just sewing the pieces of fabric to each other. You can read how I did it in this post.

At guild we learned a third option. To create this variation on string piecing you will need:

  • A piece of water soluble stabilizer cut larger than desired size
  • Varying widths of fabric
  • Thread, ruler, rotary cutter, mat and sewing machine


I wanted to create a back for a tablet cover which needed to be about 12″ by 9″. I ordered water soluble stabilizer but I don’t particularly like the roll I got. It was too flimsy.

It was all I had, however, so I cut a piece that wasn’t quite as long as I wanted as the stabilizer wasn’t. 2017-03-05-001It wasn’t a big deal, I could exceed the length with the fabric. I cut strips of varying widths from fabric and a layer cake. I pieced them to create longer lengths.

None of them were strings! Ha! At guild they explained that strip piecing is when all the strips are sewn straight, string is when they can vary in direction.


I started with two strips. I placed one strip on the stabilizer and one on top of that. I sewed the two together along the side. I tried to make the seam a quarter inch but I didn’t use the quarter inch foot.2017-03-05-004

I kept sewing strips onto that base. I alternated sides as well as directions. I had one issue with the stabilizer.

I had to wait until I had several strips to be able to iron them down because it would melt the stabilizer. Oops! I finger pressed.


Eventually I had a chunk of string pieced fabric. I then ripped off the stabilizer which came off instantly as the iron had done some work on it. Then I really pressed it well.2017-03-05-006

I cut into one nice rectangle. I was pretty pleased with how it had all lined up. I had tried to keep track as I was sewing it.

I plan to use it on the back of the project I am making with this wonky star. I have leftover pieces of layer cake and some yardage to complete the tablet cover I have in my head.

I know I could have just used two pieces of fabric to create the tablet cover. It would have been a lot less work and would probably be done by now. Hmmm, a quick and easy project?

Where’s the sport in that?

Sew happy that my eyes are healing and I can do some light activities. I have to limit my screen time so I may not publish as often for a couple of weeks. I will be doing a lot of sewing in my head in the meantime. Thanks for all your support and wonderful comments.

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I published a post on how I created the wonky star. You can read it here.

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