Color Workshop by Amy Walsh is a fabulous experience for all quilters

This weekend I was really lucky, I got to attend a workshop at the Quilter’s Trunk in Chicago that I thoroughly enjoyed. I believe that a color workshop by Amy Walsh is a fabulous experience for all quilters and I am thrilled that I was able to go. If you don’t know Amy Walsh then you are missing out on one of the nicest quilters alive, I mean it. She has great patterns, creativity and quilts all on her website, Blue Underground Studio.

cw-re-2The first time I heard Amy speak was at my former guild about 5 years ago and I have been semi stalking a fan of hers ever since. I knew she would do a great job plus I wanted to learn more about color. I choose my fabrics intuitively but I wanted to know what was guiding those choices.

I could tell I would love the workshop when I walked in and saw Amy’s friendly I also had a pal who was in the class. And there was a big pile of fabric squares on each table. I’m in!

We learned color terms, broke down the color wheel and saw great slides. She handed out quilt pictures and we identified all the possible colors, tints and shades in the pictures.

Amy also had books for resources that we could thumb through on the breaks. Periodically she would show us a quilt from her own collection that illustrated her points. It was fun to learn a bit about her as well, my favorite fact was that her husband is a stage hand for the musical Hamilton!


After learning about and discussing colors we got to mess with fabric. The first hands on project was to create our own color wheel using the squares on our table. We got to mingle and snag fabric from the other three tables as well.

There were no solids in the mix, on purpose. I probably rejected more prints than I used. We glued them squares on our papers and I plan to sew them down to

I adored all the activities. Amy had a teacher’s sense of just how to balance theoretical with practical and just how much time we could spend in a chair. Plus the store’s fancy washroom was right by us and they provided a gourmet lunch!

My favorite activity was when we were given two fat quarters, mine have light green arrows pointing to them. Then we got to roam the shop searching for fabrics to bridge the gap between them. I interpreted this to mean to move from one to the other so I have 12 fabrics, mostly on bolts, that moved from the one pinkish selection to the primary colored fabric.


Our last activity was to create a quilt block using the squares. Mine was to be a split complementary and I think I blew it. I saw other people’s selections in other groupings thatcw-re-6 I liked a lot more than mine. However, I kindof liked my fail, it made me really think about why it failed for reasons other than “I don’t like it.”

At the end we had time to ask questions, look at the resources or shop. However, I was sneaky, I had been shopping every time we had an activity. If two of my purchased fabrics look familiar it’s because I discovered them while doing the color transition project.

I learned a ton about color and now I want to know even more. I was a language major in college, I never got to take any art classes. I plan on buying some books and learning even more.

Don’t worry, I’ll share it all with you!

Sew happy!

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