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I love my Grandkids but their toys were making me crazy

I love my Grandkids but their toys were making me crazy. Crazy I tell you! I had to find a new way to reclaim part of my office, where we keep their toys. Why do we have so many toys? Because our sweethearts come here 3 days a week and we love watching them. Part... Read more »

Masterpieces with quilts for silly fun

These notecards are a hoot! I wish my attempts were as hilarious!
I have quite a few loves in my life besides my family. I adore books, writing, quilting, swimming and cookies just to name a few. Recently I received a most fabulous gift which combined my habit of sending cards with my obsession with quilts. Plus this gift was so clever and funny! I received a... Read more »

Any regrets? My main regret is not chewing sugarless gum

I guess we all have some regrets from the road not taken to the bad decision. My main regret is not chewing sugarless gum when I was in high school. I know, not a huge deal but it was a choice that came home to roost today. Why don’t I tell you the whole story?... Read more »

Color Workshop by Amy Walsh is a fabulous experience for all quilters

This weekend I was really lucky, I got to attend a workshop at the Quilter’s Trunk in Chicago that I thoroughly enjoyed. I believe that a color workshop by Amy Walsh is a fabulous experience for all quilters and I am thrilled that I was able to go. If you don’t know Amy Walsh then... Read more »

Create greeting cards for an ugly fabric challenge

I am slowly getting back to sewing and small projects really appeal to me in this process. I decided to create greeting cards for an ugly fabric challenge in my guild. I got the idea from the success of making my own Valentines. The process is step by step in the Valentine post but you... Read more »

How to embellish a pieced project with paint and markers

I decided to make a party dish towel. First I cut out squares and rectangles which created the cake image I wanted. I sewed the edges, sewed them into tubes and placed them where I wanted them on the dish towel.
Last month a member of my guild demonstrated how to embellish a pieced project with paint and markers. Our challenge was to then try out this new skill and bring in our results. I decided to start small and embellish a PARTY dish towel. I figured if I messed it up too badly I would... Read more »

What is the peak age for quilting?

When I taught Spanish and French I used to wish that I had been able to expose my students to the language at a younger age. People learn another language but they will never sound native after puberty, they will always have an accent. What prompted me to think about this? I’m glad you asked. There... Read more »

The movie The Dressmaker is far superior to the book

Last year I read the novel, The Dressmaker, which I did not like at all. I was disappointed as I loved the idea of a female sewing protagonist. I never even bothered to see if the subsequent movie was in theaters. I did, however, see an ad for it on Amazon and decided to check it... Read more »

In Defense of the National Endowment for the Humanities

I joyfully taught Spanish and French for 35 years in Illinois public schools. During that time I constantly sought out opportunities for professional development. I applied for grants, scholarships and programs from my school districts, the state of Illinois, private foundations, the US federal government as well as the governments of France and Spain.  In... Read more »

Options for creating string piecing fabric

My eyes are still taking it easy so I don’t have a new project to reveal. However, I had completed a goal last week that I want to show off. My Modern Quilters guild has members demonstrate their skills and for this year I had requested a demo on string piecing. I had seen the... Read more »
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