We Quilters need to care for ourselves with more than fabric

I have a sewing studio in the loft above my great room. I feel the call of my latest project constantly. I often feel I am indulging myself when I get to go upstairs and sew or quilt. Today I was reminded that we quilters need to care for ourselves with more than fabric. Not that I am against fabric shopping, heavens no! I have learned that I need to value my body, my health and my overall well being.

Body – This morning I got up earlier than usual so I could go to my Aqua Exercise class and swim laps afterwards. Some mornings I am not able to rise early because I have been up until the wee hours of the morning sewing. I have to remember that sewing cannot trump what is best for my overall health.

I resolve to get to Aqua Exercise twice a week even if it means not getting a project done the night before. (Unless it’s a super important project that is due the next day.)

Health – In November and December I was busy, I was sick, and when I could, I was sewing with fierce determination. I had projects to finish and I focused on that task. I completely forgot to schedule my annual mammogram. It hit me yesterday and I called today.

I resolve to put a mammogram reminder in my google calendar and never miss an important yearly appointment again.

Overall Well Being – Besides sewing and quilting there are other activities which make me happy, fulfill me and balance my life. 944379_1108668159173585_7595826720075729620_nThis includes seeing my friends, spending time reading and going on dates with my husband. It also includes Yoga, you can see me in this photo at Gentle Yoga.

At the end of 2016, I got lax about making sure I went to Yoga each week. I almost forgot that I had yoga available to me online 24/7. I paid for a year, why wasn’t I using my subscription?

I decided that I couldn’t just sew, I needed more balance. I have been going to Yoga once a week for over a month. I have been doing my home practice for 30 to 60 minutes twice a day.

I resolve to continue with yoga 2 to 3 times a week to keep my body able to sew and my mind clear.

Indulgences – It is fun, in fact super fun, to indulge yourself. I very often do this with fabric and I have shelves of gorgeous textiles. I need to balance my treats and not spend all my mad money at the Quilt store. Just some of it!

Today I got a massage and it eased my shoulders, my legs and my neck. It was an expensive treat but one I want to repeat. I can’t always think about what I sew but how I sew and keep myself ready for it.

I resolve to indulge myself with a bubble bath or a massage when I can afford it. All my treats don’t have to be quilting related.

My body, my health, my overall well being and my indulgences are all a part of me as a quilter. To be able to do the best job sewing I have to keep all of me in balance.

Now that I have cared for the total me, I am going to go sew!

Sew happy!

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