I've learned to calm down when immediate sewing interrupts my planned projects

I’ve learned to calm down when immediate sewing interrupts my planned projects. I used to get frustrated as I can get pretty focused on my self imposed deadlines. I love juggling sewing projects. I am very satisfied to have one quilt I am piecing, another I am quilting and a third endeavor being cut out. I like that variety. Being interrupted to do an immediate task is a whole different kettle of fish. It’s not in my plans and I used to grumble. Now I have learned to breathe and just take it in stride.


Valentine’s day is this week, a fun holiday. We have new neighbors below us that we really like who love all holidays. They have given little gifts to Z and H so we have returned the friendship and favor.

After I sent out my Valentine cards I then ordered presents for my grandchildren. They came early and we were watching the kids that day. Which means that I, of course, gave them the gifts early.bib-4

I felt pretty organized, nonetheless, until I realized I had nothing for the grandchild of our new neighbors. I was caught unaware at Halloween but had been prepared for Christmas. I decided I needed to make him a bib.

I also thought a book would complete the gift. While I was ordering the book I figured I would add two for Zara and Henry. Oh boy, I better make them bibs as well, don’t you think?

Now I had to interrupt sewing on the little Cubs quilt and quilting Cliff’s quilt. And I wasn’t just bib-6going to make one bib. I was going to make three because I often am like this, I never know when to stop.

Luckily I had a few hearts left over from making the Valentines. I started testing ways to put them on the bibs when I stopped myself. KISS came to mind and my new meaning, Keep It Simple Sista!

These are BIBS not quilts. One heart is perfectly fine, it celebrates the holiday and looks cute. But food will fall in copious amounts on these items.


This allowed me to minimize the interruption even though I had increased it by expanding the bib production from one to three. I did the same with the books, two of which arrived today.

We go to dinner at my daughter’s house every Sunday night. I had finished all the bibs and so naturally I brought two of them along with us. I have trouble waiting to give presents!

I put one at Zara’s plate and the other on Henry’s highchair. When Zara sat down to eat she was so happy. “Oh Grandma, I love this! Thank you so much!”

I am smiling even as I type this. Henry looked at Zara’s heart and then checked to see that he had one also. He smiled; those kids know how to keep the hand-sewn presents coming.

This was one heck of a great interruption!

Sew happy!

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