Cubs quilt to celebrate the World Series and keep a promise

I am delighted to report that I reached an important goal. I have a finished the Cubs quilt to celebrate the World Series and keep a promise to Cliff. What promise? Let me tell you! When we married he would mention a Cubs quilt to which I would reply, I will make you a Cubs quilt when they win the World Series. I kept collecting fabric and wondering if I should just make him one when by golly, they won. Such a happy night and now a quilt to remember it by.


Last time I posted about this quilt, I did not have the back completed. I had backing fabric but it was not wide enough to cover the entire span of the front side. I thought again about the W flag and made a deconstructed strip of it to expand the size.

I quilted this Memory/t-shirt/celebration quilt in a various whimsical way. That’s a fancy way of saying that I just did what I wanted when I wanted. I did squares and rectangles on the t-shirt fronts.

cubs-quilt-re-2On the blocks I did a mixture of free hand circles for the baseballs themselves. In other places I did a meander to suggest the 108 year journey to get to this spot. Then randomly I did free hand C’s which sometimes looked good and other times did not.

I guess that is the same as the inspiration for those C’s. The Chicago Cubs sometimes looked great on the field and other times did not. It was random, just like their placement. Here is a small glimpse of some quilting.cubs-back

How about if I show you the finished back first? You will get a better idea of the deconstructed W flag and maybe even spot a C or two.
This weekend was so gorgeous I was able to photograph the Cubs quilt outside. On the back side you can see shadows of the trees and maybe even Cliff? I am lucky he has a huge arm span and is very tall. And patient!

cubs-cropped-re-markedHere is the front at long last also outside. The back fabric shows through a bit that way but it felt wonderful to go outside with it. You can see all of the blocks and t-shirts really well this way.

I was relieved it was long enough to cover Cliff. He had to break it in, duh! He also folded up his flannel quilt and put it in the box o quilts.cliff-cubs

Finishing a quilt is always a thrill but this quilt was even better than most finishes. There were times I never thought I would fulfill my promise to my super fan husband. I gave up two t-shirts, he gave up one and one I bought on the street at the parade.

Now I have two more little Cub quilts to finish. They should not take too long, in fact I have one of the tops completed already and the layout on the second one completed as well. But you know what I am going to do first?

Take a nap under the Cub quilt!


Sew happy!

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I published several posts along this way about this quilt. Here is post one and post two.

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