Amazon Echo is fun but not helpful for quilting - An interview with Alexa about quilts

My husband is a gadget guy and loves technology. If something new comes out, he can’t wait to read about it, try it, own it and then look for the new and improved version. As I, ahem, spend a fair amount of money on sewing & quilting it seems fair enough. Over the years there have been a few tech additions to our home which I have loved. I feel head over heels for our first DVR by Tivo and have never wavered.

2017-02-15-003For Christmas Cliff got Amazon Echo, two of them. We have one in the bedroom and one in the living room, this is the small one in the living room. We also have fancy dancy light bulbs which communicate with the Echo via Wi-Fi.

We only have to command “Alexa” and she turns lights on and off. She plays music, sets alarms and tells the time or weather. We are also fairly addicted to her repertoire of sleep sounds.

I have decided that Amazon Echo is fun but not helpful for quilting. Darn it! To prove my point here is my interview with Alexa.2017-02-15-001

Just so you can imagine the scene, here is the big Echo which I interviewed. She sits on my husband’s night stand. She usually speaks only when addressed as Alexa so know that I began each question with her name.

  1. What is quilting? Nonsensical answer about a skirt in Antwerp.
  2. Who is a famous quilter? Sorry, I do not know the answer.
  3. Where is the Quilter Hall of Fame? Sorry, I didn’t understand the question.
  4. Where is the National Quilt Museum? There is a Children’s museum in Frankfort.
  5. How many inches in a yard? 36 A foot? 12 A fat quarter? I’m not sure.
  6. Let’s play 20 questions. She lost big time. (My answer was a quilt.)
  7. How do you spell quilt? Q U I L T
  8. Are quilts important? Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that question.
  9. What are the 3 parts of a quilt sandwich? I can’t find the answer to that question.
  10. Do you like quilts? I don’t have an opinion on that.
  11. Play a song from the musical Quilters. Here is a station you might enjoy, Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
  12. Where can I buy fabric in Frankfort? I am working on knowing more local businesses. Amazon has cotton fabric squares, would you like to buy some?

Alexa, stop!

Sew happy!

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I interviewed my granddaughter about quilts when she was 3. She knows slightly more than Alexa, read it here. 

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