7 goofy bills quilters could send

I recently read a goofy article about a woman who was billed by a fellow after one date. She told him she wasn’t interested in a second date so he billed her for the first one. I am not making this up! But with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek I have decided to make up some goofy bills quilters could send. Are you ready?

1.Are you over this yet? Clearly, I am not!


2. Finally, someone to blame! (Anyone want to go out for doughnuts?)



3. Here’s the time tested “I’ll show you” defense!


4. Grrr, those really talented people are constantly making great quilts!


5. Duh they should pay. If they didn’t make such great thread I wouldn’t buy them!


6. I’m expanding my horizons. Why not bill an entire town!


7. Awww, let’s end with a sweet one.



Who did I miss? Anyone else I should present with a bill?

Sew happy!

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