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Looking for a sacrifice? Here are 40 helpful acts rather than give up candy

I was raised by a Irish Catholic mom in the 1950’s. She was very compassionate and mainly tried to instill in us love and concern for our fellow man. In the 40 days before Easter Catholics traditionally sacrificed something but my mother did not harp on what we weren’t going to consume. For her, not eating... Read more »

Why not get married at a Quilt shop?

Church is great but look at workroom at Olive Juice Quilts in LaCrosse, WI. Perfect!
You can get married at Taco Bell. Yep, it’s true and you can read all about it here. That might be fine for those who really love Nachos Bell Grande but if I am going to get married in a store, it’s not going to be Taco Bell. Obviously the store to get married in is... Read more »

Quilt Snail mail to support those hurting

When I was younger I discovered a clever way of getting out of housework. I would write letters and draw little pictures in the letter for my younger cousins. My Mom loved her family so she would allow me to work on those until I was finished. Funny, it always coincided with the ending of the... Read more »

Les Miserables is a novel which has guided me through life

Tonight is our monthly blogapalooza challenge. We are given a topic and have an hour to write and publish a post. Here is tonight’s topic: “Write about a book or publication that is special to you or has had a big impact on your life.” I have written many posts about books and quilting, about... Read more »

7 goofy bills quilters could send

I recently read a goofy article about a woman who was billed by a fellow after one date. She told him she wasn’t interested in a second date so he billed her for the first one. I am not making this up! But with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek I have decided to... Read more »

Cubs quilt to celebrate the World Series and keep a promise

I am delighted to report that I reached an important goal. I have a finished the Cubs quilt to celebrate the World Series and keep a promise to Cliff. What promise? Let me tell you! When we married he would mention a Cubs quilt to which I would reply, I will make you a Cubs... Read more »

We Quilters need to care for ourselves with more than fabric

I have a sewing studio in the loft above my great room. I feel the call of my latest project constantly. I often feel I am indulging myself when I get to go upstairs and sew or quilt. Today I was reminded that we quilters need to care for ourselves with more than fabric. Not that... Read more »

Amazon Echo is fun but not helpful for quilting - An interview with Alexa about quilts

My husband is a gadget guy and loves technology. If something new comes out, he can’t wait to read about it, try it, own it and then look for the new and improved version. As I, ahem, spend a fair amount of money on sewing & quilting it seems fair enough. Over the years there... Read more »

12 Useful Facts about basting

I am a lover of words and of all things textile. Sometimes the two come together when I ponder words used in the creation of quilts or textile art. Recently I was surprised when my granddaughter demanded to know what a turkey baster was. I became a bit fixated on the word and decided to... Read more »

I've learned to calm down when immediate sewing interrupts my planned projects

I’ve learned to calm down when immediate sewing interrupts my planned projects. I used to get frustrated as I can get pretty focused on my self imposed deadlines. I love juggling sewing projects. I am very satisfied to have one quilt I am piecing, another I am quilting and a third endeavor being cut out. I... Read more »
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