What to do if needle holes seem smaller or your eyes seem older

Lately I have had a bit of a dilemma and maybe you have had it also.  What to do if needle holes seem smaller or your eyes seem older? I already have bifocals, medications for eye issues and really excellent lighting. I needed a bit more help so I decided to try a new needle and two needle threaders. I wish I could say this research was just for the blog post but no, it’s for me as well.


Here are the products I was trying. I bought a mixed set of spiral needles. I also purchased the Lo Ran needle threader and my husband put the Needle Beetle in my stocking.

First product I tried was the Spiral Eye side threading needle.threading-2-re This is a dream to thread. I have tried this off and on for over a year. I am always so thrilled with the ease of threading so in that way, it is a total success.

My issue with this needle is that the thread does not stay in the eye of the needle. Yes, it is easy to replace but after a while it was pretty annoying. I stopped using it but at least I know.


I picked up the Lo Ran threader somewhere, don’t even remember when or why. It looked simple and was dirt cheap. I tried it out on the normal needles I use for hand sewing.

Neither end of the needle threader fit through the eye of my needle. The only needles I own where it fit were large craft needles. Those are pretty easy to thread but if my eyes get way worse, maybe I will use it again.threading-4-re

I saved it in a drawer but I should have pitched it. This brought me to my last gadget to try. I didn’t even know what it was when I took it out of my stocking.

My husband explained that the ladies at Thimbles assured him that I would love it. My guild members showed me that a little wire popped out and while I was doing that, I discovered it had a light.

It was quite easy to use and the wire slipped right into the eye. The light definitely made it easier. I had never used a needle threader before but I got the hang of it after one try.

We have a winner! Cute, with a light and easy to use are all good. It fits my needle and the thread doesn’t come out. Worth the $3.99 my husband spent.

On Amazon the Needle Beetle is 7.95 plus shipping. It’s cheaper here but still, shipping. I saw it cheaper on Ebay and Etsy so shop around.

Plus the light? It’s good for 3,000 needle uses. That’s a lot of needle threading.

No need to worry until I get to 2,999!

Sew happy!

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