Designing and Sewing a Cubs quilt top - part 2

Designing and sewing a Cubs quilt top makes me happy every single day. I spend more time on this quilt top than I have on any quilt project in a year. I can’t wait to get up the stairs and try to figure out where I want to put blocks. I am also juggling size and t-shirts, it’s more fun than should be legal!


I keep t-shirt possibilities hanging on the design wall just to make me ponder if they have a place yet. In this shot, I have definitely decided to keep the tongue in cheek “Try not to suck” logo. It was for a charity after all.

Now that I have made the design decision, I have to make it fit the width of two blocks. On the farther side, I have to make sure it is the same size as one block. Once I have everything measured and cut, I will sew it together.


That fit in well, I was pretty darn happy with it design wise and fitting in. I am still working through the blue fabrics with white insets. I wanted the next one to be lighter and not a Cubs fabric.

I like this blue and white print quite a bit, I will fit it and another row around the Champions t-shirt front. It is directional but barely so I just ignored it when I stitched it up. Then I took a look at the potential width of the quilt and decided, too big.


I decided to remove two blocks from the right side of the quilt. That will give me a finished width of 63″, the same size as my husband’s favorite lap quilt. I used my final Cubs fabric to make the next row.

When I was trying to make it all work I discovered I had cut the t-shirt front a bit smaller than I thought. No biggie, I just added a red strip on the top and bottom. This will lead us to the red section, sweet!


Having all the blue section sewn together felt like I was half way done, maybe? Now that I have entered into the red I am wondering in which order I shall place them. Do I want the solids at the end?

This section will all be predominately red with blue as the insets. I am also wondering how many more t-shirt quilt fronts. I like them but this is not, strictly speaking, a t-shirt quilt. Or is it?

I have lots more blue and red solid blocks so I can play around with placement. Tomorrow I will make some more red blocks. Again, I will undoubtedly make extras to give me flexibility.

Z has been keeping track and eyes those extra blocks. She, her brother, her mother and her father all have hopes of a Cubs quilt made from leftovers. How many extra blocks do I have?

Not enough! Yikes!

Sew happy!

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