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Cubs Quilt Top is finished

I was on a sewing tear tonight. I had been inefficient in the afternoon and resolved to get going! After dinner I went up to the sewing loft and just kept sewing and sewing. My husband was watching a program that I liked listening to so I just kept going until a bit after midnight.... Read more »

What to do if needle holes seem smaller or your eyes seem older

Lately I have had a bit of a dilemma and maybe you have had it also.  What to do if needle holes seem smaller or your eyes seem older? I already have bifocals, medications for eye issues and really excellent lighting. I needed a bit more help so I decided to try a new needle... Read more »

I iron when I sew and when I don't - I need an ironing intervention

I have come to the conclusion that I need an ironing intervention. I iron when I sew and when I don’t. My ironing board is always up and yes, I voluntarily iron items other than seams. Let’s hear all the terrifying details. I have a terrific iron and ironing board. It has a little storage... Read more »

I knew I was a grown-up at age 22

Once a month we have a blogging challenge. We are assigned a topic and 60 minutes to write and publish a post. Here is tonight’s topic: “Write about the first time you felt like you were a grown-up.” Being a grown-up, an adult, was something I never particularly yearned for nor avoided; I knew it... Read more »

9 Quilt Alternative Facts just for fun

This anchorman is not known for factual reporting.
Humor is such a great way of making friends, bridging gaps and just having a good laugh. There are few situations where my family and I cannot make a joke about what is going on. Whenever I see something humorous is trending I try to think how can I make that quilty? I’ve had some... Read more »

Quilters Represent at Women's March on Chicago, January 21 2017

This is my march sign. I made it the night before based on some other signs I had seen. I want to sew a better one. Why? That's a really good question!
I am 63 years old and I had never marched in a protest. Nope, not even in college when everyone else seems to have protested something. The right event, location, motivation and accessibility never seemed to line up. I thought maybe someday and this weekend, it was that day. I participated because I am a... Read more »

Stuffed animal repair or how I became Grandma McStuffins

The first night Shelby came to her forever home, we put Doggie in her crib. She spent the night with Doggie until her sophomore year of college. Doggie needed a lot of repairs.
I love sewing because I can create wonderful things from fabric. I follow patterns or create them on my own and it satisfies so many parts of me. However, I am not a fan of doing repairs. I twitch a bit and try to wiggle out from doing them. It is using my sewing time... Read more »

Designing and Sewing a Cubs quilt top - part 2

Designing and sewing a Cubs quilt top makes me happy every single day. I spend more time on this quilt top than I have on any quilt project in a year. I can’t wait to get up the stairs and try to figure out where I want to put blocks. I am also juggling size... Read more »

12 smooth Facts about Velvet

Velvet is a rich sounding word and it conjures up the softness of the fabric. I have not sewn a lot with velvet myself. I can remember making one skirt in High School and having to be very careful with the nap and the fabric in general. I was thinking about making a velvet dress for... Read more »

How to organize A Wrinkle in Time Book Club

It’s impossible to read all the fabulous books in this world but you can try! My Classics book club and I are attempting to go back and read classics that we missed in school or would enjoy rereading. It’s great fun and if you would like to have your own book club, I am here to help... Read more »
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