Top and favorite posts of 2016

I enjoyed blogging in 2016, there were very few times I really didn’t have a bunch of ideas built up. When I went on vacations, I scheduled blogs with memes, ecards or something not very timely. I published 4 or 5 times a week and had 233,591 different hits on my blogs with over 200,000 people who visited. I’m content with that!

Some posts were visited way more than others. I had google figure out which ones those were. Here are the results, my top and favorite posts of 2016.

me-in-three1.My most visited post was Describe yourself in 3 Fictional Characters, a post I wrote on a whim in September. It was a faze that was going around on Facebook and which tickled my funny bone. 9,085 people read it, that’s like 27,000 + fictional characters.

2. My second post had 8,841 hits and it really surprised me. It was a gallery of memes that I published in September of 2015. Why that gallery out of all the galleries of memes I have posted? I have no idea!

3. In the number 3 spot is my blog on 10 ways to tell if you are cut out to be a Teacher which I wrote in May of 2013. I really still stand behind that post but I am startled it is still getting traffic. Apparently there were 8,082 people who want to know.

4. 4th most popular blog is also from 2013, I guess I peaked then? It is a post on Perfect Presents to Give Quilters and Sewers.  I hope those 6,180 people found the idea they were searching.coats-re-15

5. At the midpoint is a post from 2014 on the 14 Coats you need to Survive a Chicago Winter. 5929 people read it so that was fun. I wrote it as a bit of a lark but this fall I updated one page. I had written that if you had one for the Cubs, it would never wear out as they didn’t play in post season cold games. I was thrilled to say I had worn my Cubs coat all fall!

6. 2014 was also the year I published #6, 9 Famous Quotes about Quilting and Sewing. This post never got this much traffic when I published it and now that I am looking at it, I wish I had put the blog name on it. Thanks to the 4,972 readers and it’s the third one that’s about quilting, the topic of my blog!

7. Back we go to 2013 when I wrote 10 Teacher Gift ideas from a Teacher. This post always gets hits around the holidays and this year 4,164 people read it. Their teachers were lucky!

short-to-long-re-08. Keeping Outdoor Cushions in Place also hails from 2013. Do people know I’ve written over 800 posts since then? I guess 3,975 readers wanted to sew on ribbons or ties.

9. 3,910 people obviously want to alter their clothes. My post DIY How to Long Sleeves to Short Sleeves Tutorial which dates from 2015. We’re getting closer to 2016.

10. Bringing in the last of our list is a 2014 post Super Fun Facts about Fabric. I hope all 3,601 readers had fun reading them. I love writing fact posts.

I was surprised that only one of my posts from this year made the list. Hey, I have some favorites I have to cite. Here are my bald-re-13favorite posts of this year.

In January my darling husband agreed to pose for this gallery. It is all about what a bald headed man should wear. It cracked me up. I guess I was the only one!

In March I wrote a post asking if people were cheap about anything in quilting and sewing and admitted that I was. I simply adored all the comments I got and what other quilters admitted they did to save a few pennies.

When May rolled around I confessed to my love of sewing machine leggings. I still love them and my collection has grown to a crazy level! Good memories.

I have more but you’ve indulged me enough on this trip down memory lane. Let’s hope that more than one of my top posts is from 2017 when this time rolls around next year.

Obviously, I need to write more gift posts about teachers keeping cushions in place!

Sew happy!

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I published a similar post in December of 2015 and you know what? 6 of the top ten were the same posts as this year. Check it out. 

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