Playing with my presents is a happy post holiday activity

I have found that playing with my presents is a happy post holiday activity. I know it makes me sound materialistic and shallow but I will only cop to the materialistic part. I am, after all, a quilter!

My husband and I do stocking presents but he may have stretched the concept this year. Stocking gifts are fun as for my main present I always want a trip and he always want an electronic device or thirteen. In April I am going to NYC with my girlfriends so I made an Amazon gift list for him to choose from but he chose all!


The man went a bit overboard on sewing/quilting gifts. I asked for the calendar as I still do a wall one. I also asked for the Tula and Angela book. It is even signed!

Zara and he went to Thimbles, my favorite local quilt store. Zara was going to get me one gift and somehow they both went wild.

I will use it all, especially those zippers. I am always making pouches. And how can you refuse Tula Pink fabric? gift-re-6

See that quilt book, it is also part of my book haul. My daughter got me the Janet Evanovich as she is one of our guilty pleasures! My Brilliant Friend is part of a series that everyone seems to be reading while Betsy/Tacy is a childhood gift-re-5favorite.

You can see the book Hamilton by Ron Chernow. I have it in my “homework” pile also. We are listening to the music all the time now.

Why? Because way back in the summer I was able to get us tickets to see Hamilton in Chicago. My gal pals saw it on a NYC trip I couldn’t afford. I’ve been yearning to see it since and we want to be ready!


My next area of “stocking gifts” was what I call spiff it up presents. I had a drawer full of disgusting hot pads. They were burnt and had nasty stains on them.

I had had them for a decade or two and I threw them all out. What a pleasure to have fresh new ones to yuck up! Right now they are pristine and lined up in organized rows.

Over the past 15 years I have been trying to replace, slowly, all the hangers from the dry cleaners and department stores. I had some plastic ones and then I discovered the no slip hangers. Love at first hang.

I had a package of 50 on my list and I got it. It was a total pleasure to replace all the old hangers and put them in the laundry closet. I keep opening my closet to ooh and aah at the beauty of it all.

My husband and I are not watching our grandchildren this week so we are both playing with our presents. His involve setting up devices that respond to commands like “Alexa, turn on bedroom light one.” So far, Alexa has been very compliant.

When Alexa can help me out in the sewing room, I’ll be impressed.

Sew happy!

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I published a post on my presents last year as well. I am a lucky woman!

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