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Quilt Alliance Quilts from Quilt Expo 2016

Yes, I am writing again about this show but this time a different part of it. I enjoy looking back at pictures of quilts I have taken, it’s very relaxing and inspires my own creativity. I didn’t make a gallery, I just wanted you to have a similar experience I had. Take a look at... Read more »

12 Clever and Easy Gifts to make for the Holidays

During the holidays it is always meaningful to get a gift that has been made for you. Handmade gifts mean a lot to me and the very best people on earth love them also. I have gone through some posts I have published in the last two years and gathered all the links in one... Read more »

How to design and sew your own Wonky Star Block

I really like star blocks, traditional and otherwise which came in handy lately. My daughter asked me to make her a cover for her new computer. I was happy she asked me to put a star on the front. I sent her some pictures of traditional and wonky stars and asked which she preferred. She chose... Read more »

7 Quilty Street names where I would love to live

In my lifetime I have had 8 different addresses, 4 of those were when I was in college. I can remember the thrill of learning how to write my name and address so I could get a library card. I have enjoyed every place I have lived but I have never had an address that... Read more »

DIY How to make a Tea Bag Wallet tutorial

I love coffee and I love tea. But I am a bit picky about my tea. I like the water boiling hot and I just don’t like herbal teas. I have found that it is best to just bring my own tea bags sometimes. What do I bring them in? Well, I am not only... Read more »

Hallmark Christmas Movies need to include Quilters

Look at all these Christmas movies with baking, cats, royalty and secrets. Where are the quilts? Where are the quilters? Keep flipping and you will see I have added them.
I am a recent convert to Hallmark Christmas movies, much to the delight of my husband, aka, Elf. I no longer mock them from the sewing loft, I sit and watch them. (While doing hand sewing, natch.) I am comforted by the happy endings and I pretty much know how it will all turn out... Read more »

How to Toddler Proof a Christmas Tree

We have two grandchildren that we love like crazy. The oldest never paid any attention to the Christmas tree until last year and that was because I had two Barbie ornaments on it. Once I surrendered those to her, we were fine. Our youngest is destined to climb Mt. Everest or rival Houdini’s records. He... Read more »